Mapua Engineering Management Organization (MEMO)

  • To promote as well as to disseminate vital and relevant information that will help distinguish Engineering Management from other programs.
  • To promote and support the education and training of potential entrepreneurs and business leaders among the students of the Mapúa University.
  • To provide the students of Engineering Management vehicles for applying the theories and principles that they have learned in their management courses in actual practice.
  • To cultivate and develop the leadership abilities of student-members.
  • To provide entrepreneurial and business studies that will benefit the Institute and the community.
  • To instill in students high values and attitudes needed to produce moral and ethical professionals.
  • To promote and develop teamwork and camaraderie among the members of the organization.
  • To coordinate with the other student organizations and student council in the School of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IE-EMG) so as to provide better activities that will help improve the social, mental, physical and moral aspects of the students especially the members.

The Mapúa Engineering Management Organization (MEMO) is established and committed to promote student development through a better understanding of business systems. It stemmed from an ever-increasing need to seek, develop and adapt appropriate management technologies and strategies so as to promote satisfaction and enhance student morale, thereby improving the competitiveness in the Philippine industry.


Mapúa Engineering Management Organization is an organization under the School of Industrial Engineering, Engineering Management & Service Engineering & Management. It is an inclusive organization for Engineering Management and Service Engineering Management students. The organization wants to promote camaraderie amongst the student of IE-EMG-SEM and provide more of a background on EMG/SEM students what their program is all about.

MEMO Officers S.Y. 2018-19

COO Representative – Calvin James B. Fojas

President – Erika Kristina H. Marasigan

Vice President – Bianca Izabella A. Garcia

Secretary – Eina Louise V. Moran

Treasurer - Josef M. Lazo

Auditor – Mac Manroe L. Leonador

Assistant Treasurer - Regina Marylyn D. Tolentino

Public Relations Officer - Nikka Agatha C. Flores & Acer Kiel F. De Los Santos

Business Manager – SeonJae Lim

Logistics Heads – Sophia Angelika R. Prila & Jude Vincent M. Ferrer

Academic Head - Ryan Benedict B. Joya

Membership Head - Cindy G. Dimaranan

Sports Head – Manuel Jose V. Mercado

Adviser: Elisier Fantillo

Contact Information

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Twitter: @memomapua
Instagram: @memomapua