Technological Improvement for New and Keen Engineering Students (CEGE THINKERS)


The school of CEGE is a bastion of academic and technical excellence that inculcates in the Filipino youth the values of critical thinking social awareness and environmental concern through cutting-edge research and state of the art delivery while adapting to the ever changing global trends in education and technology.


We commit ourselves to develop all frontiers of knowledge in Civil Environmental and Geological Engineering and be at the frontiers of solving real life problems; impart knowledge using the latest IT tools and the state of the art of delivery of instruction with the emphasis on promoting social awareness and environmental concern; and share our technical expertise and know how aimed at improving the quality of life of every Filipino and the welfare of the entire community. Hence we endeavor to develop impart and share knowledge in order to discover and create effective solution to local national and international problems issues and concerns.


The CEGE THINKERS is an organization composed of bona fide students of the institute taking up courses under the School of Civil, Environmental, and Geological Engineering. The organization aims to promote camaraderie among the students not limited in the School of CEGE but the whole institute. The organization enacts the mission and vision of the school to promote quality engineering education.

CEGE Officers A.Y. 2018-2019
Jessa Joy Berabe  President
Jungene Maril Benitez  External Vice President
Mark Genre Basalo  Internal Vice President
James Daily  Secretary
Mikaela Ang  Asst. Secretary
Nicole Ann Susi  Asst. Secretary
Alexander Cajigas  Asst. Secretary
Marydang Malab  Treasurer
Warren Mark Urmanita  Auditor
Paolo Dominic Sazon  Asst. Auditor
Daelson Mangrobang  COO Representative
Raheem Roice Bilang  CEGE Representative
Patrick Yuyek  PRO
MicMic Bendiola  Business Manager
Khaycee Aboloc  Business Manager
Vince Gonzales  Sports Committee
John Vincent Calayo  Sports Committee
Arthur Averilla  Sports Committee
Paolo James Pascual  Logistics Committee
John Allard Cabacang  Logistics Committee
Celine Diane Wong  Logistics Committee
Nathalyn Armijo  Technical Committee
Aya Almandres  Membership Committee
Lara Quilban  Membership Committee
Belle Santos  Membership Committee
Joseph San Juan  Membership Committee
Cara Co  Event Organizer
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