Association of Geologists and Geological Engineers of Mapua (AGGEM)


The Association of Geologists and Geological Engineers of Mapua is an educated, skilled, and valued community of geoscience. It is composed of Mapuan students who aspire to be geologists and geological engineers and share a common goal, to be successful in their career and to positively use their knowledge for the welfare of everyone.


To expedite the welfare and proficient development of its members through effective academic, social, and professional means. To assimilate all geology and geological engineering students of Mapua for the benefit of everyone by development, propagation, and intelligent use of geoscientific information. To encourage and inspire research and education for public stimulation of the importance of geology in our daily lives, and identify excellence.


The Association of Geologists and Geological Engineers of Mapua (AGGEM) is the sole organization in Mapua that caters to the Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering Students. It is a non-stock, non-profit organization that was established on the school year 2011-2012 and founded by Clement Fajardo with the help of its faculty adviser Dr. Karlo Queano. Even though the organization itself is quite young, there have already been some notable accomplishments in different fields notably, the first induction of the members held at La Mesa Eco Park, regular seminars on various geologic fields, interschool quiz shows, Palawan Fieldtrip and the AGGEM Summer slam.

There are regular activities that are conducted each year namely, the orientation of freshmen held every 1st quarter, AGGEM Cup, Geologic debate that is now on its 4th year would be on November. Currently, the aim of AGGEM is its rise on the ranks of organizations to be accredited through participation in inter-departmental activities such as the CEGE Cup/Night, sending peer advisers, as well as participating in inter-school activities through the help of the Philippine Association of Geology Students(PAGS) like the Geolympics which was hosted by AGGEM, which involved Mapua, Adamson and UP.

AGGEM will continue to create activities for the academic and social welfare not only for its members, but also for the public.

Ashrae Officers 2015-16

President - Anthony Medina Jr.
Vice Internal - Jesu Luigi Torre
Vice External - Angela Radam
Secretary – Aufelyn Reolalas
Assistant Sec – Glenn Charles Ancheta
Treasurer - Bienvenido Peciller II
Auditor - John Christopher Santos
PRO1 – Jude Equila
PRO 2 – Amme Camile Marba
COO rep - Priscilla Justiniano
CEGE rep - Oktoviano Tilman

Batch 2010 Rep - James Earl Tabasa
Batch 2011 Rep - Brylle San Agustin
Batch 2012 Rep - Jolyne Ubiña
Batch 2013 Rep - Robert Michael Tampus

Secretary of Academic Development - Ceneisa Marvida
Secretary of Membership and Election - Alexis Alano
Secretary of Sports and Recreation – Gerald Son Borilla
Secretary of Information and Communication – Ranajae De Lara
Secretary of Finance and Budget Management – Jomarie Permejo
Secretary of Project Management - Suzainnevhie Tenorio

PAGS OFFICER - Eriko Lanante

Adviser: Dr. Arturo S. Daag

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