The Mapua SHS – Science Club envisions itself as an instrument of the Mapua University's vision to be among the best universities in the world. The organization sees itself as being an active gear in the machinery of scientific literacy, application of science to everyday life, and excellence on a substantial scale.


The Mapua SHS – Science Club establishes the values of both competency and perseverance in the field of scientific study. The organization also upholds the application of its abilities and learnings to be integrated into the institution, the environment, and the society. The implementation of effective goals into our activities empowers both the organization and its associates to fully appreciate the value of scientific inquiry and utilization as a step towards advancement. We do not only focus on the subject of knowledge but also its practical purposes through the lenses of innovators and engineers.


The Mapua SHS – Science Club aims to encourage Senior High students to learn more about science and share their knowledge to others. It also promotes camaraderie for students in order for them to gain new knowledge and to make a continuously developing community in the future. The club promotes the instilment of Science in the lives of Senior High School students.

List of Officers and Advisers

President: Susane Marie Quilla
COO Representative: William Davin Perez
External Vice President: Gabriel Francis Amario
Internal Vice President: Jerrod Von Aguilar
Executive Secretary: Joanna Marie Acierto
Treasurer: Ton John Baytamo
Auditor: Jeminah Ingeniero
Business Manager G12: Gaurav Sanghu
Business Manager G11: Mikhail Urmanita
Project Committee G12: Kirk Benedict Damian
Project Committee G11: Marianne Anglea Porlares
Public Relations Officer G12: Beatrice Sophia Pascual
Public Relations Officer G11: Jordan Amorado
Logistics Committee:
  Edrick Concepcion
  Ferdinand La Torre
  Jose Gabriel Escorial
  Ralph Arvin Dayao
  Simon Tumanan
Ad Hoc Committee:
  Kirk Benedict Damian
  Marco Orda
  Joseph Cherriguine
  Ezekiel Laurenio

  Engr. Hazel Jean Soriano
  Engr. Al Melvin Ong

Contact Information

Email Address:
Facebook Page Link:
Twitter: @MUScienceClub