Chemistry Society of Mapua (CHEMSOC)


The organization shall be the core for the advocacy of chemistry advancements by encouraging students to participate in research and indulge in continuing education.


The organization commits to developing the next generation of dynamic chemistry leaders; promotes unanimity among its members and builds a strong relationship among chemistry students, hence the organization lives by the tagline, “ChemSoc: where BONDING begins”.


Chemistry Society of Mapua is an institutionally chartered independent membership organization which represents chemistry undergraduates at all degree levels and in all fields of chemistry and sciences that involve chemistry. It is a place of excellence where members can achieve full potential in their academic, creative, personal, physical, and moral development.

List of Officers:
Position Name
President  TARCENA, Charmane Lizette S.
Internal Vice President  AQUINO, Levent Bless B.
External Vice President  DE JESUS, Cassandra Julia T.
COO Representative  DELA PAZ, Xech Rafael Aldrei U.
Executive Secretary  SAN PEDRO, Maria Angela B.
Associate Secretary  CRUZ, Eunice Rachel D.
 GONZAGA, Emely H.
Auditor  GUMBAN, Andrea Celina F.
Finance Director  BARBAZA, Marjette Ylreb U.
Marketing Director  SENTE, Thiesli Marc Y.
Logistics Director  ANOR, Murielle Nikole S.
Associate Logistics Director  QUILIZA, Rendell Ivan L.
Multimedia Arts Director  LEVISTE, David V.
Associate Multimedia Arts Director  AMOR, Dana Rose Y.
Academic Affairs Director  MATIENZO, Miguel F.
Public Relations - Internal  CALMA, Ulyza Joan L.
Public Relations - External  PORRAS, Shayne Lisette N.
Associate Public Relations - External  DE LA CRUZ, Rhea Esperanza D.
Batch 2014 Representative  VICTORIO, Johmaelein Heidzel T.
Batch 2015 Representative  BANAL, Arnold K. Jr.
Multimedia Arts Committee Associate  BORJA, Nicole Kate
 DE JUAN, Jezelle Kim P.
 TAYAO, Mariah Sarah F.
Academic Affairs Committee Associate  PARUNGAO, Amaryz Louwi A.
 ANGELES, Jan Lodewijk A.
Logistics Committee Associate  FABROS, Christine Joy E.
 UMANDAP, Rovic M.
Marketing Committee Associate  REMOROSA, Allen Grace B.
PR - Internal Committee Associate  CALMA, Maria Aira L.

Dr. Kathlia De Castro-Cruz

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