An Association of Biotechnology Students of Mapua (BioLOGIC)


The Association shall be an organization conducted for scientific and educational purposes and to advance and promulgate knowledge in all areas of the field of Biotechnology by conducting research and other studies related to it.


Association of Biological Engineers and Biotechnologists- MIT, BIOLOGIC, is a group of individuals that share a common purpose and a common goal that is, to enhance the knowledge in the field of Biotechnology while at the same time having fun.


BIOLOGIC is an organization for students taking up the Biological Engineering and Biotechnology program. Moreover, BIOLOGIC is also for those who have interest in these fields as well as those who want to socialize with Biotech/ BioEngineering students. This organization enables students to enhance and their minds about biotechnology, and be the cause of change the world has needed.

BioLogic Officers

COO Representative: Kylle Dennice S. Saligumba
President: Rachelle P. Sardome
Internal Vice President: Mariene-syne Edisa P. Cortez
External Vice President: Jeremiah B. Perez
Secretary: Carl Jay D. Laurenciano
Assistant Secretary: Maria Aliah C. Reyes
Auditor: Marvin Ian G. Geron
Assistant Auditor: Jasmine J. Jimenez
Treasurer: Bernadette V. Cuevas
Assistant Treasurer: Shealtiel William S. Chan
Public Relation Officer: Drexler B. Jaramel
Batch 2018 Representative: Akira V. Kikuchi
Academics Head: Julienne L. Del Rosario
Marketing Head: Gail Everette M. Catulin
Sports Head: Jade Antonette M. Marcelo
Creatives Committee: Ryan Christian Mailem
            Andrea Anonuevo
Logistics Committee: Miguel F. Matienzo
            Joshua Martin Andrei M. de Castro

Contact Information

Adviser: Dr. Lemmuel Tayo
FB Page: Association of Biological Engineers of Mapua