Mapua Institute of Technology Student Catholic Action (MITSCA)


The formation and development of Christian communities that are truly Filipino, founded on truth, justice, love and peace guided by the Holy Spirit and realized in freedom, equality and participation among people, thereby attaining here and hereafter, the Brotherhood of Men under the Fatherhood of God (BOMFOG).


SCA believes that it has a task in the mission of the Church. It has the task to educate and encourage students.

  • -Educate and encourage students;
  • -Look at the real questions in their lives;
  • -Become aware of the deeper issues facing our society;
  • -Realize that Christ invites us to a personal relationship with him;
  • -Be involved with people in building a better world based on truth, justice, and love.

It is student movement led by among students. It promotes the participation of all Catholic students in its religious formation and it is also a specialized mass movement-means the apostolate of “students on students” interaction.

  • -SCA is dedicated to evangelization.
  • -SCA has a specific task of the education and formation of the student body.
  • -SCA believes in the “review of life” as its basic method in the journey of life.
  • -Faith challenges SCA to an active response along with, and on behalf of fellow students.
  • -SCA is service.

List of Officers and Advisers
List of Officers:
President:  Maranelle A. Gregorio
Vice President:  PJ Christian B. Trono
Secretary-General:  Zachary Raphael B. Origenes
Treasurer-General:  John Paulo B. Broas
Committee Coordinator:  Lois Anne L. Borrega
Prof. Teresita L. Zapanta - Department of Mathematics
Prof. Esperanza E. Chua - Department of EE-ECE-CpE (EECE)
List of Officers (CCOs – Central Council Officers)
Aben, Angeline Patricia Fae B.  CCO
Almeda, Anne Margaret B  CCO
Aquino, Nikki Norman M.  CCO
Bacquiran, Loui James Y.  CCO
Balan, Anna Ghudiel  CCO
Borrega, Lois Anne L.  CCO At – Large (Committee Coordinator)
Broas, John Paulo B.  CCO At – Large (Treasurer – General)
Candelaria, Steven Neil A.  CCO
Carpio, Patrick Jan C.  CCO
Catangui, Gerardo Jose B.  CCO
Cruz, Angelo O.  CCO
Dangco, Lea B.  CCO
De La Cruz, Luisa  CCO/COO Representative
De La Cruz, Maris  CCO
Dela Rosa, Michael Gabriel T.  CCO
Destajo, Stephanie Ann Rose M.  CCO
Diloy, Regina Liza  CCO
Dula, Jejomar C.  CCO
Dumapit, James Dominic G.  CCO
Espiritu, Marcus Joshua D.  CCO
Fullido, Josiah Nejerus S.  CCO
Ganotisi, John Lester G.  CCO
Gorostiaga, Racquel DR.  CCO
Gregorio, Maranelle A.  CCO At – Large (President)
Guerra, Berlin B.  CCO
Landig, John Michael A.  CCO
Macadangdang, Jeffrey T.  CCO
Manalansan, Jose M.  CCO
Mendoza, Keith Jules C.  CCO
Montemayor, Ramses Earl D.R.  CCO
Napao, Paolo  CCO
Origenes, Zachary Raphael B.  CCO At – Large (Secretary – General)
Panganiban, Ramiel  CCO
Patches, Rodrigo C.  CCO
Pico, David Robinson T.  CCO
Rarugal, Francis August R.  CCO
Reyes, James Edward M.  CCO
Salvador, Sydney Roz E.  CCO
Santy, Alexis Lygel C.  CCO
Sison, Adrian Victor C.  CCO
Tolentino, Paul Diony S.  CCO
Trono, PJ Christian B.  CCO At – Large (Vice – President)
Vendivel, Huzley David L.  CCO
Villanueva, Myrtle Ann M.  CCO
Villota, Tristan Jerome A.  CCO
Wad-asen, April Jane R.  CCO
Contact Details:
Facebook Page: Mapua Institute of Technology Student Catholic Action (MITSCA)