Honor Society of Mapua (HSM)


The Honor Society of Mapúa shall be the premiere student organization of Mapúa University through the promotion of academic excellence and outstanding character to the student populace.


The mission of the Honor Society of Mapúa is to develop the students of Mapúa University into competitive individuals equipped with distinction in academics, leadership and interpersonal skills.


The Honor Society of Mapua (HSM) is the premiere student organization of Mapua Institute of Technology. The HSM was established to unite the honor students of Mapua Institute of Technology, with the desire for technological and scientific upliftment, and promote mutual help and cooperation among each other. The HSM conducts outstanding activities such seminars, quiz show, sports festival, teambuilding and other exciting activities which promotes academic excellence and development of love and loyalty among themselves and the Institute.

The HSM is composed of set of officers which include the President, Vice President for Operations, Vice President for Administration, Executive Secretary, Secretary General and 6 cabinet members/secretaries namely Secretary on membership, Secretary on finance, Secretary on audit, Secretary on academic and scholarship, Secretary on publications and Peer advising coordinator. The Prefect for Students shall assign a faculty adviser for the HSM for the entire academic year. The officers shall represent HSM, especially when there are complaints and motions on how to improve the status of the society. A General Assembly is conducted on the second and fourth term of every school year.

List of Officers and Advisers
Faculty Adviser:  Ericson Dimaunahan
Student Advisers:  Ryann David Paglinawan
 Cejesska Cush Alday
 Leeann Ursua
President:  Bernadette Nicole Fernando
Vice President for Administration:  John Ferry Dela Cruz
Vice President for Operations:  Ferdyn Joshua Rañosa
Executive Secretary:  Lester Manuel
Secretary General:  Anna Veronica Niebres
Associate Secretary:  Ma. Fatima Iriela Montemayor
Secretary of Finance - Intramuros:  Erica Dimatulac
Secretary of Finance - Makati:  Jun Kobayashi
Secretary on Audit:  Bianca Rae Pasela
Secretary on Project Management:  Paulyn Sophia Yu
Secretary on Logistics:  Rigil Kent Olegario
COO Representative:  Bebeth Jean Olivar
Secretary on Creatives - Media:  Rommel Decena
Secretary on Creatives - Design:  Beatriz Liejafin Aserios
Peer Advising Coordinators:  Heinz Alfred Juan Tong
 Kenneth Chan
CEGE Representative:  Mike Andrean Sy
EECE Representative:  Carl Francis John Reyes
MME Representative:  Jeshua Luis Mangaoang
CBMES Representative:  Miguel Matienzo
IEEMG - PHY Representative:  Jhoan De Jesus
BM - IT Representative:  Monica Joy Villanueva
Contact Information
Email Address:  hsm.mapua@gmail.com
Facebook Page:  https://web.facebook.com/honorsocietymapua/
Twitter Page:  https://twitter.com/HSMapua