Central Student Council


The CSC shall be the center of student empowerment by implementing worthwhile activities and rendering quality services for the benefit of the whole studentry thereby contributing significantly to the fulfillment of the Institute's educational goals and to the achievement of students' total development


The mission of MIT-CSC is to give support to the Institute’s vision and mission by providing high quality service to our fellow students and to the whole Institute.

We, the CSC officers, also aim to become proactive student leaders and role models who can respond to the needs and wants of our fellow students. With this endeavor, we shall work diligently and shall serve as the bridge between the administration and the students.

We shall perform our duties and responsibilities with the spirit of God as our center. With genuine commitment and creativity, we shall respond effectively and efficiently with the changing environment.


The CSC is the highest student body of the Institution. It is composed of one (1) representative from each of the twelve (12) schools of the Institute. It serves as the coordinating body of both School Student Council and Council of Organizations.

List of Officers and Advisers
President:  Paul Hendrik C. Cortez (CEGE)
Internal Vice President:  Karlo Alexandro O. Arsenal (SMS)
External Vice President:  Jamie C. Toriaga (ETYSBM)
Executive Secretary:  Teresa Katrina Canon (EECE)
Assistant Secretary:  Viane Shannen B. Hamor (SSSE)
Treasurer:  Jazel Ann G. Azur (MME)
Auditor:  Xandria V. Juanitas (SOIT)
Business Manager:  Alisha Mae Q. Taburno (SHS)
Business Manager:  Katrina Mae T. Redshaw (AR-ID-BE)
Public Relations Officer:  Pamela Joson (IE-SEM)
Public Relations Officer:  Austine Fernando (CBMES)
Council Adviser:  Geraldine Canlas (SSE & DAL)
Council Adviser:  Dean Rex Rebelios (IE-SEM)
Contact Information

Email Address: mapuauniv.csc@gmail.com
Facebook Page: Mapua Central Student Council
Twitter Page: @MapuaCSC
Person to Contact: Paul Hendrik Cortez (0917 507 1659 )