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Council of Presidents


The vision of the Council of Presidents is the unity and cooperation between all the School Student Councils, and as a result, the unity of all the Schools of Mapua Institute of Technology.


The mission of the Council of Presidents is to unite all the School Student Councils and break down barriers and unhealthy competitions between the different Schools. The COP shall organize activities that can help create and strengthen bridges between the different Schools.


The Council of Presidents is the governing body of the Student Councils of the different Schools of Mapua Institute of Technology. It consists of the duly elected presidents of all the School Student Councils. It supports and as well as helps organize the events headed by the Central Student Council (CSC) and the Council of Organizations (COO).

The COP is headed by three officers, the Chairman, the Vice Chairman and the Secretary, voted by the incoming CSC and COP members; the rest of the presidents will be the COP cabinet members. The officers and the cabinet members of the COP shall have equal say on matters and issues regarding the School Student Councils, regardless of positions. The COP shall guide the School Student Councils, support their activities and help resolve issues, if any, between different School Student Councils. A monthly meeting is held by the COP for regular updates on the School Student Council activities and for the planning of future COP activities.

List of Officers and Advisers
Chairman: Myko Xylene Ramos(EECE)
Vice - Chairman: Dyanne Pauline Macatangay (SMVA)
Secretary: Coleen Angelika R. Carpentero (SLHS)
Cabinet Members: Arlueny Rose Egam (AR-ID-BE)
  Cyber – Rey De Guzman (SOIT)
  Emmanuelle Davis (MME)
  Francheska Pearl Eunice Ticse (SCEGE)
  Kiev Pollyana M. Torres (IE-EMG)
  Mary Denise K. Punzalan (CHE-CHM)
  Mylene Tolentino (ETYSBM)
  Rey Adrian Vince Yao (SHS)
Contact Information

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mapuacsc.coo.cop.1213
Twitter Page: @mapuacsc
Mobile No.: 09178713730

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