Council of Organizations (COO)


The vision of the Council of Organization Officers is to unite the student organizations of Mapua Institute of Technology and to foster camaraderie among its students and enhance their social and personal development.


The Council of Organization Officers shall be the premiere regulatory board of the organizations and of the student activities within, but not limited to the Mapua Institute of Technology. The COO shall provide leadership and interpersonal trainings to students by engaging in activities such as: academic advising, socio-cultural activities and extension services.


The Council of Organization Officers (COO) is the governing body of all accredited, recognized and probationary student organizations in Mapua. The COO is composed of the President and/or duly authorized representatives of recognized student organizations. It shall likewise be referred to as the Central Student Council (CSC) Lower House. The council was established to support the student activities of the different organizations and also, the projects of the Central Student Council and School Student Council.

The Council of Organization Officers (COO) is composed of a set of officers, preferably organization’s president, who are representatives of the different organizations in the institute. The officers include the President, Vice President for Operations, Vice President for Planning, Executive Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, two Auditors, two Business managers and three (3) Public Relations Officers (2 from Intramuros and 1 from Makati). The Prefect for Students shall assign a faculty adviser for the COO for the entire academic year. The officers shall represent the entire student organizations, especially when there are complaints and motions on how to improve the status of student organizations. A bi-monthly meeting is regularly held at the Student Center presided by the COO.

List of Officers and Advisers
President:  Emmanuel Luis D. Villanueva (MICrO)
Vice President for Planning:  Maria Trinidad Ursula R. Sanchez (MICrO)
Vice President for Operations:  Janica Pauline N. Oquendo (EASTS-TSSP)
Executive Secretary:  Scott Francis C. Gelle (ACIP-MSC)
Assistant Secretary:  Reiane Alyzza M. Jacinto (ENC)
Treasurer:  Charisse Brittney Anne I. Vicente (HSM)
Asst. Treasurer:  Ericka F. Bobis (IEEE)
Auditor:  Daelson V. Mangrobang (CEGE THINKERS)
Auditor:  Queeny E. Chan (ASME)
PRO:  Anne Margaret B. Almeda (EIR-AS)
PRO:  Monica Joy D. Villanueva (JPIA)
Business Manager:  Joshua Adam O. Seneta (PROMAP)
Business Manager:  Omar B. Tolentino(HSM)
Adviser:  Prof. Edward Jay M. Quinto
Contact Information

Email Address:
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Twitter Page: @mapuaCOO
Person to Contact: Anne Almeda ( 0939 770 4828 ) / MJ Villanueva ( 0966 952 7758 )