We envision an active and dynamic club that continues to grow and shares knowledge, not only to its members, but to the whole senior high school community.


Mapúa SHS – Math Club will be essential to the senior high school community by offering the services of the club for free. The club has a mission of bringing mathematics closer to the students.


The Mapúa University Senior High School Math Club is the club created solely for the benefit of Grade 11 and 12 students of Mapúa University. It is the only senior high school club dedicated in helping mathematically challenged students improve their skills to become better in classes, as well as showcasing the talents of mathematically inclined ones and advancing their excellence for the benefit of humanity.

The Mapúa University Senior High School Math Club gives students the opportunity to learn and share knowledge not only to its members but to the whole senior high school community. It is a club that extends a helping hand to those who needs help in mathematics courses. The Math Club is a family wherein its members look out for one another to ensure that they get to learn efficiently. It also offers not only free learning handouts to guide its members but it also sends some of its members to take part in interschool mathematics quiz bees to represent the university.

The Mapúa University Senior High School Math Club is a club for all students, challenged and gifted, with a heart that allows everyone to grow to ensure the school's competitiveness.

List of Officers and Advisers

President: John Wilmer O. Castillo
Vice President: Count Reddrick M. Millora
Secretary: Branden Kyle E. Gamilla
Treasurer: Keilah V. Garcia
Auditor: Elyzza Lovely Rose B. Ignacio
Business Manager: Rica Portia S. Molina
Business Manager: Andrea Gale S. Alcala
Public Relations Officer: Joshua Roberto A. Gruta
Public Relations Officer: Lhance L. Lumanog
COO Representative: Jenny Lyn T. Orias

Prof. Rumel Angelo T. Alfaro
Prof. Charlotte N. Monteiro

Contact Information

Email Address:
Facebook Page:
Twitter Page:úashsmath