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Materials Engineering Society (MatES-MIT)


To unite all Materials Science and Engineering students of the school and to organize all doings according to the common interest of its members and faculties in attaining their common interest by developing the members’ social, intellectual, and academic potential through activities.


Advancement and Development of Materials Science and Engineering in MIT through extensive research and design. (Undergraduate thesis, feasibility design)


The Materials Engineering Society is the official organization for Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) students. It aims to be the pathway for each student of MSE to get involved in progressive thinking, to be encouraged in sharing ideas for the betterment of the field of Materials Science. It intends to be recognized in the institute as an organization which unifies students in academic excellence, personality development, and social involvement.

List of Officers and Advisers

COO Representative – Jaybelle Dannah A. Pranada

President- Rosen – Avery D. Tamargo

Vice President of Internal Affairs- DOLOT, ALBERT FELIX S.
albertdolot@yahoo.com; www.facebook.com/albert.dolot

Vice President of External Affairs- Calvin A. Trilles

Vice President of Academic Affairs- Xyrene V. Del Rosario

Executive Secretary- Christine D. Saballa

Assistant Secretary- Jezza B. Bayot

Treasurer- Johanna Marie B. Sudayon

Auditor- Geraldine H. Carino

Public Relations Officers- Narc Michael A. Ganac
Mikhail Brillantes
Aaron Joshua Boniel

Batch 2014 Representative- Eddie Justin O. Reguindin

Batch 2015 Representative- Raphael P. Marcelo

Advisers- Ruth R. Aquino
Eric Miranda

Contact Information

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MatESMIT/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MatESMIT
Contact Persons:
Rosen Avery D. Tamargo
Contact No: (0916) 277 4060
Email Address: radtamargo@gmail.com

Jaybelle Dannah A. Pranada
Contact No: (0916) 647 6047
Email Address: jaybelle.pranada@gmail.com

Narc Michael A. Ganac
Contact No: (0956) 368 5981
Email Address: narcmichael.ganac@gmail.com

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