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Technological Improvement for New and Keen Engineering Students (CHE-CHM THINKERS)


The ChE-Chm THINKERS' shall be an organization devoted to protect and promote our general welfare and that of our fellow students, conserve our unity, to defend and elevate the name of our Alma Mater and to preserve her glorious tradition. To contribute to the development and technical advancement of our institute and secure for ourselves and our future members the blessing of governing boldly under mutual understanding and common justice, by actively engaging in activities towards environmental awareness


The ChE-Chm THINKERS' mission is to create a sense of friendship and respect within the ChE-Chm community by means of education and, of course, having fun in the process. Addressing the earth's major concerns is also one of our missions; although we focus on education rather than activism. But naturally, to stay relevant an organization must adapt its mission to suffice what is currently needed.


An organization recognized by the School of ChE-Chm and accredited the Institute, which aims to promote camaraderie among the students not limited in the community of ChE-Chm but the whole institute. The organization enacts the missions and vision of the School to promote quality-engineering education and be known in the field of Chemical Engineering.

The organization also focuses on Environmental Awareness. Teaching students the correct way how to value and protect our environment.

List of Officers and Advisers

Patricia Mae M. Parilla
COO Representative

Christine Julia B. Castro
Thinkers Representative

Angela Joy D. Landingin

Bianca Mae Z. Crisogono
Internal Vice President

Ken L. Yamauchi
External Vice President

Shekinah Mae J. Villaflor

Christienne F. Capsa
Assist. Secretary

Anjelica Jean P. Cabais

Ruth Angela F. Lafuente

Margarette Louise T. Santacruz
Business Manager

Katrina Bucud
Business Manager

Sarah Katrina v. Salvacion
Public Relations Officer

Hershey Azelle Millano
Public Relations Officer

James Carl Villegas
Event Organizer

Patricia Mae T. Decena
Event Organizer

Batch Representatives
Clarisse D. Balboa
Batch 2012 Representative

Kristel Alyssa C. Quiambao
2013 Representative

Jude H. Balado
2014 Representative

NIkke Cu
2015 Representative

Committee Heads
Ara Clouie R. Ramirez

Rachelle Anne Arcega

Melina Michelle D. Virata

Vladmir Salen

Angelo Macalino

Jaimee Jyra B. Ong
Art and Design

Contact Information

Email Address: mapua.chechmthinkers@gmail.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mapua.chechm.thinkers/
Twitter Page: @ChECHMThinkers
Mobile No.: Sarah Katrina v. Salvacion – 09277209273
      Hershey Azelle MIllano – 09268772936

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