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Mapùa Netriders Society (MNS)


The vision of the Mapua Netriders Society is to bring our members into the 21st century through innovation and modern technology. Learning will be enhanced with computer software and educational games that will allow students to proceed at their own rate according to their ability.


The objectives of the Mapua Netriders Society are to promote interest in information and communications technology, to provide fellowship among students and faculty, to represent student needs and wants in regard to high-quality education, supported by online content and assessments, performance tracking, hands-on labs, and interactive learning tools, and to uplift the honor and prestige of the mother chapter, through various activities sponsored, initiated, and participated in by the organization.


Mapúa Netriders Society (NetSoc) is an organization that is open to all that have a Cisco Networking Academy Account. The organization has been only founded in December 2010 and yet has already conducted numerous activities like seminars that the attendees find really helpful. The organization was established to unite and support the students that are taking Cisco-related courses as well as opening opportunities in the world of networking. Most of the activities of the organization offer experience in the latest technology, such as Telepresence.

NetSoc accepts applicants every odd quarter and holds induction rights for the inductees every even quarter.

List of Officers and Advisers

Netriders Core Council

Chairman: Dann Mark Del Mundo
Members: Chester Ryan Lapenas
      Gerich Rommel Atienza
      Daniel Bryan Moraleja
Executive Committee: President: Lucasan, Kyle Alyssa Jasteen
Internal Vice President: Caringal, Roshiel B.
External Vice President: Gipit Bill Secretary: Ilagan, Angela Treasurer: Yu, Jemuel Auditor: Abanales, Allyssa


Finance Committee
Head: Genciana, Roe Mathew V.
Asst. Head: Rosas, Erika Yvonne B.

Membership Committee
Head: Ilagan, Emarejel S.
Asst. Head: Mayled, Justin Paul N.

Public Relations Committee
Head: Maravilla, Joseph Keenu L.
Asst. Head: Tornea, Jucel Adelyn F.

Student Advocacy Committee
Head: Reyes, Michael
Asst. head: Rico, Uldrick

Logistics Committee
Head: Baluyot, Gene Kenneth
Asst. head: Dizon, Mary Louise G.

IVP Members:
Magahis, John Rey O.
Cruz, Jerald Paolo C.

EVP Members:
Villafranca, Ma Isabelle
Sonza, John Carlo S.

COO Representative: Loo Tee, Harvey
Advisers: Engr. Glenn Avendano
     Engr. Marloun Sejera

Contact Information

Email Address: mapua.netriders@gmail.com
Facebook Group: mapuanetsoc@groups.facebook.com
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/mapuanetriders
Twitter Page: @mapua_netriders
Mobile No.: 09279174233

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