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Making Art Differently (MAD)


M.A.D envisions itself as an artistic organization that helps promote an alternative form of art education that will develop and empower the artistic intelligence and creative capacities of its members.


Making Art Differently aims to hone and improve the leadership skills and artistic intelligence of each member by expanding their horizons through an alternative form of learning. M.A.D is also committed to training its members to become creative, innovative, and professionally competent in the field of multimedia arts.


Making Art Differently or commonly known as M.A.D, is an organization under the School of Multimedia and Visual Arts promotes an alternative venue to classroom education. The core objectives of MAD is to provide an alternative form of learning that is philosophically authentic, holistic and progressive. MAD aims to accomplish these core values, by providing opportunities for each member to improve and excel in the fields of Film, Animation and Graphic Design through a non-conventional form of learning.

The organization has three committees that represent the three major art forms namely, Media, Arts and Design. Each committee focuses on a certain field which will help improve the skills and creative capacities of each member may it be through traditional or non-traditional means.

M.A.D organizes seminars and workshops as an extension of our goal of alternative learning to SMVA students and of different programs under the University that are interested to learn new concepts in the field Multimedia and Visual Arts.

Making Art Diffrently, as an organization, does not only give opportunities to improve one’s skills but also gives its members a chance for personal growth, both as an artist and as a person.

List of Officers and Advisers

President: Jamie Cacayan
Vice President: Rogeneil Barrogo
Secretary and Finance: Ruffa Aquino
PRO: Hyacinth Bernardo
Treasurer: Jen Ogsimer

Adviser: Sir Jericko Lalata

Contact Information

Email Address: makingartdifferently@gmail.com
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/mad.org
Mobile No.: 009053984919 (Rogeneil Gerald Barrogo)

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