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Christian Brotherhood International (CBI)


The CBI shall bind us in common faith, ideals, goals and sentiments to glorify the Lord.


The CBI aims to strengthen the Christian fellowship and to encourage intellectual and academic excellence among its members.


This organization shall be known as Christian Brotherhood International. Hereinafter, the said organization may be referred to as CBI, the organization or the brotherhood, to stand for the aforementioned name. The CBI is a non-stock, non-profit association under the auspices of the IGLESIA NI CRISTO’S BUKLOD-KADIWA-BINHI organizations for the purposes of promoting harmonious relations among students who are member of IGLESIA NI CRISTO (hereinafter referred to as INC or as the Church) students and guiding them towards the attainment of intellectual excellence and knowledge of Biblical Doctrines which will govern them in their daily undertakings.

The organization confines its activities within the context of brotherhood among its members guided by the Christian values instilled in them. The CBI affords due recognition among its members by protecting their rights and upholding their interests. Toward this end, the organization shall endeavour to obtain permission and recognition by campus authorities for the organization’s peaceful existence.

Moreover, the organization shall develop and utilize the talents and potentials of its members to enable them to assume a dynamic and responsible attitude and strive toward becoming responsible and productive students as well as members of the society. The brotherhood also recognizes its vital role of keeping its members abreast with present trends of development.

The organization observes and fosters unity among its members.

The CBI recognizes the vital role of the student members of the Church in propagating the Christian faith.

List of Officers and Advisers

President: Lyndl F. endique
1st Vice President: John Henry M. Salvado
2nd Vice President: Reinier Roman A. Santos
Secretariat Chairperson: Ayana Kezia C. Somintac
 Members: Gabriela Nicole F. Honrade
      Remhel Upod
Academics Committee Chairperson: Anne Flereece S. Sanchez
 Members: Emerson Rendon
      Kent Christopher Silva
Socio-Cultural and Sports Committee Chairperson: Kevin S. Renton
 Members: Czarina Calimlim
      Jiena M. Mariano
Missionary Committee Chairperson: Kenneth M. Abubo
 Members: Menzarl M. Luna
      Mary Jane R. Magpale
      Perry L. Manacmul Jr.
Information and Liaison Committee Chairperson: Earl Ryan A. Dela Cruz
 Members: Ciara Mae I. Quiñones
Outreach Committee Chairperson: Bryan S. Monton
 Members: Zaira Mayee E. Pelayo
Prayer Group Leader Committee Chairperson: Larry C. Urmatan
 Members: Dave Lester B. Zulueta

List of Members
Contact Information

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CBIMapua/
Lyndl F. Endique - 0915-187-9523 (President)
Other Contact Details

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