Mapúa Dancecom


Section 1. To help build each other’s lives towards the glorification of God.

  1. To establish and uphold to the team and other students that dancing is not just a passion to enjoy but also an endowment to carve up from God.
  2. To mold good disciplined dancers, members and future leaders in the presence of God.
  3. To give gratitude to the Lord, our God for the talents and blessings He has bestowed to us.
  4. To help and share our blessings to other people with the blessing we receive from God.

Section 2. To foster a creative atmosphere that will allow dancers to showcase their talents on stage.

  1. To strive for excellence and go beyond our limit.
  2. To gain self-confidence and experience in performing.
  3. To practice camaraderie and sportsmanship towards any competition or performance.

Section 3. To develop team work amongst members

  1. To practice being of help with each other in solving problems concerning the team.
  2. To always practice working as a team on any circumstances and events.
  3. To promote oneness of the team despite of the differences of each member.

Section 4. To establish a good and balance academic and non-academic standing.

  1. To help out each other to excel and maintain well grade every term as the same time as helping each other to shine and improve on dancing and performing on stage

Mapua DanceCom is a group of young and talented individuals who have the passion and heart for dance. Founded on January 31, 2003, the group started performing in various school events and soon afterward participated in several major dance competitions across the metro. Overtime, they have been blessed with a good number of achievements and thus being one of those well recognized college dance groups in Metro Manila.

List of Officers:

Nichole Daren Valerio – Chairman
Seth Christian Tejada – COO Representative
Gabrielle Angelo Gabatin – Internal Affairs Committee Head
Maria Angela Nicolas – Finance Head
Edward Matthew Delalamon – Logistics Head

Advisers - Prof. Cristina A. Pascua
      Engr. Gloren S. Fuentes

Contact Information

Email Address:
Facebook Page: Mapua DanceCom
Twitter: @mapuadancecom
Instagram: @mapuadancecom