Junior Information Systems Security Association - Mapúa


The Chief Entrepreneurs’ Organization shall be perceived as an organization in the Philippines that will create highly competitive and resilient innovators who will become significant players in the startup ecosystem, creating projects that will change the world.


To dedicate ourselves in developing its members in becoming driven game changers and establish a community that aims to create and innovate to solve problems.


The Chief Entrepreneurs’ Organization of Mapúa is a newly established student organization of Mapúa University - Makati on Entrepreneurship that is dedicated to developing its members in becoming fully-fledged innovators in the fields of information technology, business, and entrepreneurship through skill and intelligence-building programs that offer challenges, as well as opportunities for growth.

Currently, CEO is co-leading the development of structuring a nationwide student startup council focused in establishing a student-based startup community with student leader representatives from colleges and universities in the country, with the aim to introduce and organize learning programs for students regarding startups, its ecosystem, and self-development in becoming fully-equipped visionaries as well as having the long term goal of being a support system for creating the aforementioned community and developing globally-competitive innovators with partnerships with startup incubators, platforms, government agencies, and tech communities.

List of Officers and Advisers

Reyes, Juan Carlos B. Co-Founder / President

Baena, James Benson Z. Co-Founder / Executive Vice President

Asinas, Christopher Klein L. Co-Founder / Vice President for External Affairs

Alfonso, George Vance Co-Founder / Vice President for Internal Affairs

Versoza, Maria Ninna S. Executive Secretary

Delos Santos, Kirsten Megan M. Assistant Secretary

Villas, Joenell Franklin C. Finance Director

Dela Cuesta, Monina G. Treasurer

Alzaga, Reuven Azriel R. Co-Founder / Head of Public Relations and Events

De Guzman, Alain E. Head of Marketing and Promotions

Ferrer, Samantha Marie U. Associate for Marketing and Promotions

Amante, Danielle Lorraine V. Head of Logistics

Vidal, Isabella Mae M. Creative Director

Constantino, Alex Andrea S. Head of Documentations

Encarnacion, Elijah Ethan R. Communications Designer

Fernandez, Arjel Jairus M. Head Committee

Rasing, Angelou Committee

Añoso, Ronard Rafael Committee

Jalea, Genelyn Committee

Zafra, Michelle Committee

David, Joshua Committee

Delapaz, Earlie Committee

Alcantara, Miguel Committee

Carandang, Miguel Committee

Galang, Gerard Committee

Cosca, Louie Committee

Doctolero, Camille Committee

Mac Franceau S. Panuncialman, ME Adviser
Kristine April S. Suin, MBA Co-Adviser

Contact Information

E-mail Address: ceomitmakati@gmail.com
Website : https://spark.adobe.com/page/PEIZDjCe4NrkQ/
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/ceomitmakati
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ceomitmakati