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Mapua Red Cross Youth (RCY)


To educate and empower the children and youth in the spirit of Red Cross through constructive trainings and effective leadership, and provide opportunities for directing and harnessing their energy and idealism into worthwhile humanitarian activities.

Four Major Objectives
  1. Inculcation of Humanitarian Values - the organization believes that the early development of humanitarian leaders lie in the inculcation of humanitarian values among its youth members.
  2. Instill the Practice of a Healthy Lifestyle - build a healthy community through youth participation and involvement in health promotion and education towards a stronger nation.
  3. Enhance Youth Leadership Skills through Service Delivery - to be active in community development by leading the delivery of Red Cross services in their capacity as volunteers.
  4. Advocate National / International Friendship - to promote camaraderie and unity, mutual respect and the spirit of international brotherhood amidst socio-cultural diversity.
THE Red Cross Youth Pledge:

As a Youth Member of the premier humanitarian organization, I pledge to alleviate human suffering, protect life and dignity, to be a responsible citizen of the Republic of the Philippines, to conform with the objectives and policies of the Philippine Red Cross, its seven fundamental principles of Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Universality and to be at all time be in the service for the suffering humanity.


The Red Cross Youth is one of the six major services of the Philippine Red Cross. The Mapúa University - College Red Cross Youth Council was founded in September 2009 for Mapúa-Makati and November 2010 in Mapúa-Intramuros. The council is under the Philippine Red Cross - Manila Chapter and Makati Branch of the Rizal Chapter. It was awarded the Best Student Organization in Mapúa-Makati in less than a year since its formation.

In Mapúa-Intramuros, around 400 to 500 Mapúans signed up in the first two weeks of registration led by Pauline Gregorio from School of EEC, Roberto Ladrillono and Sydney Amen from the School of Chemical Engineering, Leih Gonzales from the School of Architecture, Jerison Macrohon from the School of Information Technology, Wilma Lau and Rex Subrida from the School of Mechanical Engineering, and Paul Jan Saguyod from the School of Industrial Engineering. More than 150 Mapúa Red Cross Youth Volunteers in Intramuros attended the first MIT-CRCYC Orientation, while 31 continued to the 2-Day Leadership Development Program held at Philippine Red Cross - Manila Chapter.

List of Officers and Advisers

President: Alyssa Sherry A. Guinto
Vice President: Anne Rae Nocon
Secretary: Mary Grace P. Sejera
Assistant Secretary: Kristine Anne Castro
Treasurer: Alyssa Durian
Auditor: Paul Venson E. Mejia
Public Relations Officer: Czarina Jane Orpilla
Third Year Representative: Ancella Marie B. Soriano
Pledge25 Representative: Jason Jean K. Cape
Council Development Representative: Gianina Marie Ordoño

Intramuros Representative: Angelo D. Gozo
Intramuros Representative: Camille Tesorero

Makati Adviser: Prof. Marites C. Magana
Makati Co-Adviser: Prof. Maria Teresa C. Trazona
Intramuros Adviser: Prof. Jocelyn S. Buluran
Intramuros Co-Adviser: Prof. Florinda M. Barquilla

Contact Information

Email Address: mapuaredcross@gmail.com
Makati Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/mapuarcymkt
Intramuros Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/mapuarcyintra
Twitter Page: http://twitter.com/mapuaredcross
Google+ Page: https://plus.google.com/109581102517605691579
Mobile Numbers: 09163596389 / 09177240300

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