TOM - Alumni | Mapúa University

The Outstanding Mapúan (TOM) is a joint and annual project of the Mapúa University and the National Association of Mapúa Alumni (NAMA).

TOM primarily seeks to give due recognition to the alumni of Mapúa who have excelled in their profession or vocation, or have made outstanding contributions to the welfare of the school, the community, the country, and/ or the world.

The project aims to focus the attention of Mapúa alumni and the public on these achievements so they may serve as inspiration for everybody. Mapúa and NAMA pay tribute to these outstanding alumni every year.


  1. Nominations for TOM are open to MIT Alumni for the different categories awards. Any person, entity or organization can nominate one or more candidates using the prescribed TOM Nomination Form which should be duly accomplished and signed.
  2. All entries shall comply with the mandatory documentary requirements as enumerated in Section E of the Nomination Form.
  3. All entries shall be delivered/mailed to MIT-NAMA TOM Committee c/o Mapúa Alumni Center, Unit 1107 Tycoon Center, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City and must be received by the TOM Committee on or before the submission deadline set for the specific TOM Awards Year which is at least five weeks prior to the TOM Awarding date. Advance copies of entries can be sent by Fax or E-mail (authorized Fax numbers and E-mail addresses shall be properly announced) provided the originals are received within one week after the submission deadline.
  4. The MIT-NAMA TOM Committee, composed of five members appointed by MIT-NAMA, shall be the undertaking body for the TOM project and has the authority to pass judgement on any issue or question that may arise in connection with these rules. It shall review the entries to ensure that all requirements pertaining to nominations are complied with, and shall conduct a preliminary selection of finalists from the nominees for consideration of the TOM Board of Judges.
  5. The TOM Board of Judges, composed of five mebers appointed by MIT (2) and NAMA (2) and the NAMA Immediate Past President, shall select the awardees in accordance to the prescribed judging criteria. The NAMA representatives must be TOM awardees. The Board decision shall be final and unappealable.
  6. For the international endeavor awards, the endorsement of the affiliated international chapter recognized for the particular area, state, country or region, shall be mandatory.
  7. The judges shall deliberate on the recommendation of the international chapter and shall decide whether or not to grant the award to the nominee based on the merits of the nominee's achievements and guided by the prescribed judging criteria.
  8. Normally, there shall be only one awardee per international chapter per year, however, the judges can declare two or more awards provided that said decision is unanimous & without any objection from any single judge.
  9. The judges can opt not to declare an award winner if no one of the nominees meets the minimum set of criteria for the award.
  10. Failure on the part of the awardee to personally receive the award under any and all circumstances shall mean forfeiture of the award.


  1. Two(2) copies of duly accomplished and signed prescribed nomination Forms
  2. Two pictures (2" x 2", preferably black and white) of Nominee
  3. Copies/pictures of citations, honors, awards received as claimed in Bio-data
  4. Endorsement paper from Nominator and/or Affiliate/chapter (one or more pages) citing reasons why Nominee should be selected as a TOM awardee
  5. Write-up (300 words more or less) about Nominee for possible publication if selected.


  1. The Nominee is judged for excellence in his field of practice or endeavor, leadership in his sphere of activities and contributions for the welfare of the school, the community the country and/or the world with the following weighted ratings:
    • Excellence/Achievements - 75%
    • Service/Contribution to Community - 15%
    • Involvement in MIT/NAMA/Affiliate Activity - 10%
    • Bonus Points
      • Endorsement by the Professional Organization, NGOs, Civil Organization, etc. - 5%
      • Completeness of documentation to support nomination - 5%
  2. To qualify as an awardee, a nominee must get a rating of at least eighty percent (80%).
  3. The nominee must have engaged in his field of practice or endeavor for at least ten (10) years.
  4. The nominee must have complied with all the rules and requirements of the TOM Awards project.


  • Professional Fields of Practice
    1. Architecture
    2. Civil Engineering
    3. Sanitary Engineering
    4. Chemical Engineering
    5. Chemistry
    6. Mechanical Engineering
    7. Electrical Engineering
    8. Electronics and Communications Engineering
    9. Computer Engineering
    10. Information Technology
    11. Management and Industrial Engineering
    12. Mining Engineering
    13. Geology/Metallurgical Engineering
    14. Textile Engineering
    15. Business Administration
  • Specialized Fields of Endeavor
    1. Academe
    2. Government
    3. Military
    4. Entrepreneurship
    5. Pioneering Endeavor
  • International Fields of Endeavor
  • Fields of Service
    1. Alumni
    2. Community