A cool professor, Dante Laroza Silva is re-engineering the stereotype image expected of a school professor.  Born on November 20, 1964, Dan, as he is fondly called by friends and Sir Dan to his associates and students is a typical person who is so dynamic, progressive and adventuresome, fun loving and a kindred spirit—all rolled into one!  But lest these attributes deceive some, he is also committed and dedicated to his academic pursuits.  A consistent honor student since his elementary years, he graduated as a Civil Engineer (1985) at Mapúa Institute of Technology.  He finished his Masters Degree in Teaching Mathematics (1992) and PhD in Educational Management (1999) with highest honors and outstanding dissertation, and as a University Scholar at the De La Salle University.  He is a Mathematics Professor at his Alma Mater since 1992.

             As a professor he is thoroughly immersed in the subject matter—with a depth vision and a breadth of insight.  At the same time, his pedagogical style is characterized by creativity, dynamism, with, an infectious sense of humor and brotherly friendship.  A “healthy pressure” pervades the classroom—where students are challenged to the optimum without losing their spontaneity and individual styles of learning.  No doubts he won twice the prestigious “Best Teaching Practice” and recently during the 88th Foundation Celebration the “Natatanging Guro sa Mapúa Institute of Technology” award.

             His passion, optimism, firm conviction and commitment to research for betterment of education will be his best legacy as a teacher with strong moral ascendancy and with powerful impact for personal example.  These were all evident in countless  paper presentations and academic excellence awards given to him for his research works both international and national level conventions.

             He is a renaissance man—someone who is technically competent,  the reason why he is a sought after academic consultant and likewise accreditor of PACUCOA since 2007.   He has ideas so penetrating that they could capture both the human heart and intellect—for all times!  Indeed a professor, consultant and researcher who prepares the next  generation of citizens to a more technological and global world.


2013 The Outstanding Mapúan (TOM)

in  the Specialized Field of Endeavor in Academe

Dante L.. Silva

B.S.C.E. 1985