2013 The Outstanding Mapúan (TOM)

in the Specialized Field of Endeavor in Community Service

V aleriano M. Po, or simply “Val” as he is fondly called by his friends and colleagues, is a person who has always come across as good natured, pleasing and amiable.  His character has been forged greatly by his parents and his humble beginnings.

             He graduated at the Mapúa Institute of Technology in 1967 with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.  Instead of pursuing a career in engineering, he opted to go into the family business known as Justina’s Marketing, currently known as Justina Sewing Care, Inc. where he is Chairman of the Board.

             He was able to become a successful businessman and also a well known civic leader, particularly in the Chinese-Filipino communities and a  responsible citizen of our society.

             He became member of Manila Divisoria Lions Club in 1974 and became the president of the club in 1996—1997, wherein he expanded the scope of the club’s signature project every year—Mano Po Ninong—where the club hands out goods to the marginalized people within the  Tondo area.  His term also marked an expansion of their free dental and  medical project that provided health care needs to those who could not  afford them.

             He rose through the ranks such that he was voted Lion District Governor of District 301-A1 wherein his area of responsibility covers the whole Manila.  In this capacity he  broadened the scope of their Sight First project which provided free cataract operations.  He was also awarded a PMJF (Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow) in the course of his service in the club by donating seven($7,000) thousand dollars to Lions Club International.

             One of the contributions of the Filipino-Chinese in the Philippines is the fire volunteers associations, and he is an officer in two associations of fire volunteers—he is the president of Allied Fire Brigade and Fire Prevention Association and vice president of West Tondo Fire Brigade.  One of their projects is to improve their equipment via acquiring fire trucks and helping their firefighters to enhance their skills through trainings.

             He has sponsored scholarships via the Po Lua Foundation, the Tao Yuan Foundation, Philippine Cultural High School,  and MIT Filipino—Chinese Alumni Association.  As vice—chairman of the Chinese—Filipino Business Club, one of their projects is to maintain peace and order thru donating patrol cars.  He was also active in the Red Cross as Area President in Divisoria leading a number of blood letting projects.

             He was awarded more than a hundred  awards and citations as a civic leader—a testament to his numerous contributions  to our society.


Valeriano M. Po

B.S.E.E. 1967