2013 The Outstanding Mapúan (TOM)

in the Specialized Field of                International Endeavor in                                        Community Service

Engr. Carlito España Alpay, one of the many career achievers who are proudly Mapúan, is best known by his peers for his long and r eich involvement spanning 22 years with the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME) - Saudi Arabia Chapter, in which his leadership skills paved his way into becoming PSME—Saudi Arabia President,  among other esteemed and high-ranking positions.

             It was during his term as President that Engr. Alpay seized on the chance to act on his dream for his fellow Filipino migrant workers; to help open the gates of opportunity for every Filipino engineering graduate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia so they may achieve respect and success as professionally licensed engineers.  As a result, Engr. Carlito Alpay, with the support of the PSME Saudi Arabia Chapter, was able to bring the first PRC board licensure examination held outside the Philippine territory.  The first exam in K.S.A. yielded 50 professional engineers back in 1997.   By 2012, more than 250 members of PSME in Saudi Arabia have earned the licenses through it.  The exam has now expanded to more disciplines and been adopted by other PSME chapters in Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

             The unyielding passion and drive not only to excel as a professional but to help his fellowmen to attain excellence in their careers is Engr. Alpay’s best and most lasting legacy to the Filipino community in K.S.A.  So much so that he gained recognition by the Philippine Government and conferred him the Banaag Award in 2012 for his outstanding achievements as a Filipino overseas.  He was also recognized by the PSME– National Chapter as “The Outstanding Mechanical Engineer in the Field of Community Service” in 2006 and been made a PSME Fellow in 2010, the highest honor given to a member of the society.

             Truly, a Proud Mapuan, Lito deserved to be given the laurels for his untiring efforts in sharing his time and knowledge as a Professional that give honor most especially to our Alma Mater—Mapua Institute of Technology, to our beloved country—the Philippine and to the Filipino community in Saudi Arabia and to the whole world. 

             Born to Pedro and Elena Alpay, Lito earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree in 1982.  He is a loving husband to nee Gloria Flores and a doting father to Catherine, Jhared, Riacarl and Shaezer.



Carlito E. Alpay

B.S.M.E. 1982