Laptop Requirements - Admission Guidelines | Mapúa University

Laptop Requirements FAQs

  1. Are all students required to have their own laptops?

    It is recommended that all incoming freshmen under Architecture, Engineering and Sciences, Engineering Management, and Information Technology programs have laptops. Specifically, laptops will be used if you will be enrolling under the following programs:

    Architecture: AR
    Engineering and Sciences programs: BE, BECM, CCE, CESE, ChE, Chm, CE, CpE, EE, ECE, EnSE, Geo, GSE, IE, MfgE, MSE, ME and STAT
    Engineering Management programs: CEM and SEM
    Information Technology programs: CS, EMC, IS and IT

    Adapting to the latest technology and trend, Mapúa will be utilizing the laptop to facilitate learning. There are certain programs that will be used by the professors in conducting their respective classes and a laptop would be needed to run such programs.

  2. What are the minimum recommended laptop specifications?

    Below are the minimum recommended specifications to run the required applications/software:

    PROCESSOR: Intel Core i5
    MEMORY: 8 GB
    OS: Windows 10 64-bit
    Preferably with a dedicated graphics card (at least 2 GB)

  3. Does Mapúa require a specific brand for laptops?

    No. Any laptop brand will do.

  4. Is it okay if students will get a netbook/tablet instead?

    No, this is not recommended. Although students may use their existing laptops/netbooks, they may suffer slow response time if the existing unit does not conform to or is lower than the recommended specifications.

  5. If a student has an existing Macbook or is planning to get a new Macbook, can they use that instead?

    Yes. Software applications that are needed for the courses will run on Macbooks. Students will need to ensure that they are downloading the appropriate version for their respective OS X version.

  6. Will there still be a need for computer laboratories? Where will the students’ computer/lab fees go?

    Students will still have laboratory courses. Existing computers in these laboratories will continue to provide access to licensed software applications (which will be provided by Mapúa) that the students will need for instruction and learning. These desktop computers are powerful enough to provide an optimum learning experience for the students. The laptops of students will be used for lecture courses.

  7. What security measures will Mapúa carry out for this initiative/program?

    Laptop lockers will be provided for the students during their Physical Education (P.E.) classes. They may also buy laptop locks (i.e. Kensington or any brand of laptop locks) so that they could lock their laptops in areas such as the library, etc.


Please be reminded that students are responsible for their own laptops. They should not leave their laptops (just like any other personal belongings) unattended at any time.