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Office of International Career & Exchange Programs

In the time of global economies and globalization of industries, a good and strong educational foundation that is recognized internationally is a must-have for a professional who aims for success anywhere in the globe.

Mapúa’s Office of International Career & Exchange Programs provide for programs and support for international academic activities. Furthermore, the office provides assistance and guidance to both degree-seeking and exchange students in academic, social, and cultural aspects. Complementing the Institute’s internationally academic program offerings, the Office of International Career & Exchange Programs also forges partnerships to create opportunities for international exposure of students and the faculty through international internships, student and faculty exchange programs, plant visits abroad, and international summer camps.


Mapúa hosts exchange students from Madrid, Spain

Blanca Barrios Sanchez and Enrique De Leon Besoli, Spanish exchange students from Carlos III University of Madrid, chose to study in the Philippines because of the country’s pristine beaches, but the high quality of education provided by Mapúa University coupled with the Filipinos’ hospitality made their stay much more enjoyable.

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Successful Applicants



Dustin Cuevas

Being an exchange student gives more than just the opportunity to study abroad; it allows people to familiarize themselves to a new environment and to create friendships with a whole different culture of people.


Shi Po Heng (Henry)

The Mapúa staff and buddies are very nice and caring about foreigners. I liked it here.


Ya-Han Hsu (Queenie)

I am very happy to be able to join in this Mapúa English Camp. I learned a lot about the Filipino culture. Also, I had a lot of new friends. Filipinos are very warm and friendly. Philippines is a good place and I will go back again.