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Choice of Program Type

In pursuing a degree at Mapúa University, a student has a choice of two types of programs:

  • Fully Online (Ubiquitous Online Experience or UOx) Program – This is for students who prefer “anytime, anywhere” education or who do not want to be constrained by geography and time in the learning activities throughout the duration of their period of study.

  • Blended Degree Program – This is for students who prefer to have a combination of face-to-face and online learning activities.

Fully Online Programs

The fully online (UOx) programs allow for “anytime, anywhere” learning. Their teaching and learning activities are designed to be asynchronous and delivered fully online. Accessing the learning content online, students do their coursework on their own, at a time that best suits their schedule. The time considerations that students need to meet are the deadlines of submission or performance of assessment tasks and the University’s academic calendar. The UOx programs do not require real-time interactions between students and instructors and among students. As an alternative to live lectures and discussions with instructors and professors, pre-recorded lectures are provided as well as other learning materials that students can download through Mapua’s learning management system – Cardinal EDGE.

Within this remote learning setup, Mapúa provides close assistance to fully online students through academic facilitators and life coaches. They advise and guide students throughout their academic and student life.

All fully online programs of Mapúa are listed at www.mapua.edu.ph/uox.

Blended Degree Programs

Blended degree programs are degree programs that combine face-to-face and online delivery of teaching and learning activities. These activities are designed to be synchronous: students take classes together at the same time. There is also real-time interaction between students and instructors and among students.

To view the complete list of blended program offerings of Mapúa, please click on the following: