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Faculty Members


Aguado, Armando Ricardo J.
Email: arjaguado@mapua.edu.ph

Arellaga, Jay C
Email: jcarellaga@mapua.edu.ph

Arias, Jr. Antero V.
Email: avarias@mapua.edu.ph

Dela Merced-josol, Gloria P.
Email: GPdelaMerced-Josol@mapua.edu.ph

Ignacio, Alvin
Email: amignacio@mapua.edu.ph

Leonardo, Ryan M.
Email: rmleonardo@mapua.edu.ph

Macayan, Jonathan V.
Email: jvmacayan@mapua.edu.ph

Pinugu, Jasmin Nadja J.
Email: jnjpinugu@mapua.edu.ph

Sacdalan, Karen D.
Email: kdsacdalan@mapua.edu.ph


Alabastro, Susana T.
Email: stalabastro@mapua.edu.ph

Alfaro, Aida M.
Email: amalfaro@mapua.edu.ph

Alvarado, Estrella G.
Email: egalvarado@mapua.edu.ph

Brazalote, Tumoroh C.
Email: tcbrazalote@mapua.edu.ph

Clemente, Janet E.
Email: jeclemente@mapua.edu.ph

Cortez, Edna P.
Email: epcortez@mapua.edu.ph

De Ungria, Kathleen Jean P.
Email: kjpdeungria@mapua.edu.ph

Fagaragan, Marites T.
Email: mtfagaragan@mapua.edu.ph

Hernandez, Angelina R.
Email: arhernandez@mapua.edu.ph

Mangalus, Jane C.

Martinez, Juan Edmund F.
Email: jefmartinez@mapua.edu.ph

Primo, Victor A.
Email: VAPrimo@mapua.edu.ph

Quinto, Edward Jay M.
Email: ejmquinto@mapua.edu.ph

San Juan, Vanessa E.
Email: vesanjuan@mapua.edu.ph

Santos, Juan Carlos G.
Email: jcgsantos@mapua.edu.ph

Trinidad, Maria Teresa B.
Email: mtbtrinidad@mapua.edu.ph

Villa, Lolita P.
Email: lpvilla@mapua.edu.ph


Barquilla, Florinda M.
Email: fmbarquilla@mapua.edu.ph

Bebis, Ma. Patrick Kristine C.
Email: mpkcbebis@mapua.edu.ph

Diokno, Joshua Alejandro C.

Fajardo, Evan C.
Email: ecfajardo@mapua.edu.ph

Gabuyo, Gilda O.
Email: gogabuyo@mapua.edu.ph

Hilario, Mary Grace T.

Llames, Jackson Jake U.
Email: JJULlames@mapua.edu.ph

Ong, Jarvis Vernon C.
Email: jvcong@mapua.edu.ph

Panganiban, Rufina G.
Email: rgpanganiban@mapua.edu.ph

Patani, Arvin A.
Email: aapatani@mapua.edu.ph

Samia, Cynthia C.
Email: ccsamia@mapua.edu.ph

Soriano, Jose Sonny N.
Email: jsnsoriano@mapua.edu.ph

Zamora, Pamela C.
Email: pczamora@mapua.edu.ph


Bangoy, Matilde B.
Email: mbbangoy@mapua.edu.ph

Bantay, Wilna R.
Email: wrbantay@mapua.edu.ph

Canlas, Geraldine L.
Email: glcanlas@mapua.edu.ph

Dela Cruz, Mariano S.
Email: msdelacruz@mapua.edu.ph

Evangelista, Marilou C.
Email: mcevangelista@mapua.edu.ph

Hamilton, Wilma N.
Email: wnhamilton@mapua.edu.ph

Macaranas, Alvin D.
Email: admacaranas@mapua.edu.ph

Padilla, Reynaldo A.
Email: rapadilla@mapua.edu.ph

Palmea, Beaulah U.
Email: bupalmea@mapua.edu.ph

Ramos, Christine Carmela R.
Email: ccrramos@mapua.edu.ph

Rivera, Rommel G.
Email: rgrivera@mapua.edu.ph

Social Science

Agapito, Jr, Benigno B.
Email: bbagapito@mapua.edu.ph

Asuncion, Nestor M.
Email: nmasuncion@mapua.edu.ph

Berenguela, Filomena J.
Email: fjberenguela@mapua.edu.ph

Bergado, Melba M.
Email: mmbergado@mapua.edu.ph

Buenvenida, Teresita V.
Email: tvbuenvenida@mapua.edu.ph

Cruz, Geoffrey Rhoel C.
Email: grccruz@mapua.edu.ph

Donato, Annabelle D.P.
Email: adpdonato@mapua.edu.ph

Orcena, Gil Astrophel B.
Email: gaborcena@mapua.edu.ph

Trazona, Maria Teresa C.
Email: MTCTrazona@mapua.edu.ph

Tuliao, Josephine E.
Email: jetuliao@mapua.edu.ph

Yuzon, Neil Edwin V.
Email: nevyuzon@mapua.edu.ph

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