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Vision and Mission


Amid the changing environment, the Physical Education Department shall encourage and motivate students to adopt and pursue a healthy and active lifestyle through education and involvement in sports and other variety of physical and recreational activities.

It shall also develop and strengthen the character of the students by engaging them in athletic and friendly competitions and activities that promote Philippine culture.


The Physical Education Department provides a comprehensive and interdisciplinary education of and through human movement. It provides students with knowledge and skills to help them to be physically fit and strong. It hopes that the students will use these knowledge and skills to adopt a healthy lifestyle even after they leave the University.

It also aims to revive and preserve Filipino heritage by encouraging innovative approaches and meaningful participation in indigenous games, dances and sports.

Program Educational Objectives

  1. Develop physically educated individuals who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity.
  2. Develop and maintain students' physical fitness and improve and refine their skills in sports, dance and recreation.
  3. Promote and advance physical education program through athletic competitions and various activities.
  4. Provide quality instruction that will enhance students’ critical thinking and creativity for them to be more appreciative of good health and skillful performance.

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