Program Description

The Bachelor of Physical Education is a four-year program with a primary goal of providing the students with a broadly based understanding of the discipline through theoretical and practical courses in Sports and Wellness Management. The program allows maximum opportunity for students to pursue various combinations of courses in coaching, programming and administration, and within their particular areas of interest. The graduates of this program would have careers in the various facets of the sporting industry, such as coaches, personal trainers, sports analyst, wellness activity managers and many more.

Program Educational Objectives

The Bachelor of Physical Education Major in Sports Wellness and Management’s program educational objectives are as follows

  1. To enable our graduates to be competent and successful Sports Wellness and Managements Specialists.
  2. To enable our graduates to become professional and morally upright practitioners of Sports Wellness and Management.

Student Outcomes (Course Competencies):

Graduates of Bachelor of Physical Education Major in Sports and Wellness Management (BPE-SWM) should be able to:

  1. Understand sports history, foundation of physical education and sports, and the essentials of fitness and wellness, analyze scientifically and understand the body parts and how it functions in various physical movement and activities;
  2. Define the importance of physical education, lifelong sports, fitness and exercise and recite and relate sports historical accounts in relation to present – day and cultural activities and trends;
  3. Demonstrate proficiency and efficiency in all movement forms;
  4. Apply movement concepts and principles to the learning and development of physical/motor activities;
  5. Exhibit moral and ethical standards in social and physical activities;
  6. Exhibit and promote active and healthy lifestyle, value of fitness and experience and lifelong activity;
  7. Conduct research and prepare technical reports on sports and physical education studies and related fields;
  8. Present feasible and workable plan for organization, supervision and management of physical education, and sports competitions leagues and other related activities;
  9. Organize and supervise programs and activities for physical education fitness, sports, tourism and cultural programs;
  10. Understand legal and professional administrative, supervisory and managerial functions and programs; and
  11. Develop an assessment and evaluation tools in the planning and preparation of physical education activities, sports and wellness programs.
  12. Develop and maintain optimal individual muscular strength, endurance and cardio-vascular fitness.
  13. Demonstrate interest in variety of wholesome recreational activities as a release from mental and emotional pressures and strains.
  14. Exhibit marketing and industrial economic skills in sports, fitness and wellness activities;
  15. Demonstrate management capabilities and techniques in dealing sports tourism activities and marketing promotions.
  16. Develop proficiency in verbal and written communication skills via reports, presentations, and work outputs in various physical, sports activities and as research produce.
  17. Practice theories and principles in dealing with emergencies and natural disaster preparedness in workplace, school setting, recreational and sports facilities.
  18. Apply principles of food and nutrition in practicum setting for athletic program, wellness and fitness centers, nutritional supplementation and ergogenics.