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Mapúa’s new school of business and management - ETYSBM - was established by its Board of Trustees on March 4, 2005 and named after the founder of the pioneer company of the YGC Group – Enrique T. Yuchengco. This was after the BS Business Administration course was revived by the BOT on December 14, 2004. The first batch of students came in July of SY 2005-06 for the BSBA program as well as for the BS Accounting (BSA) program. This was followed by the first batch of BS Hotel Restaurant Management (BSHRM) students in SY 2006-07 and then by the first batch of BS Entrepreneurship freshmen in SY 2007- 08.

The Accountancy course is considered an honors program. It attracts a good number of interested freshmen but because of a strict retention policy (a 2.25 or better grade in all accounting subjects) many eventually stream into the BSBA or BSHRM programs.

Starting with only a total of 42 freshmen in SY 2005-06, admission has stabilized to 281 new students in SY 2011-12.

Our freshmen are usually 17 year old high school graduates adjusting to college life in a quarter school system. They are adjudged as achievers who are being motivated to be hard working students. But many are late – bloomers at that. This is the rationale to a student-centric approach for freshman - to reduce the seeming preponderance of failing grades in Math and Accounting, i.e., the “Special Audit” option rather than “Drop”.

Currently we have a total of 935 active students in ETYSBM. Our graduates had averaged 55 the past two academic years.

Our faculty profile for Accounting and Business Administration reflects a composition bias on senior part-time professorial lecturers who work in the Makati area. They are very experienced in the subjects they teach. We also manage to attract experienced Chefs and Hospitality Specialists for the BSHRM program.

As the undergraduate programs at ETYSBM are already in a stable standing, preparations are underway for an innovative MBA program to be launched. It will rely heavily on a Learning Management System (LMS) approach. The target opening date is SY 2012-13.

Vision and Mission


The E.T. Yuchengco School of Business and Management shall be an International Center of Excellence in Business and Management Education. It shall nurture and motivate the students to become professional leaders in their chosen field of endeavor. This shall be made possible through the following:

  • By providing the students with a curriculum that is balanced between theory and practice
  • By promoting the active participation of students in the learning process through student-centered teaching methodologies
  • By exposing the students to current trends, ideas, issues and methods in management through industry-practitioner and experience-laden faculty members
  • By inculcating a culture of excellence and innovation through challenging academic and research work
  • By instilling in them the highest standards of ethics and social responsibility


The ETYSBM is committed to the development of the student to become an instrument for growth and development in the country. The MIT-YSBM shall hone the skills and develop the personality of its students so they will become agents of positive change in the business community and society in general.

The ETYSBM envisions its students to be conscientious and responsible leaders. They shall strive to better the lives of their stakeholders through sound management practices. They shall endeavor to provide opportunities for themselves and others through enterprise. They shall serve as the conscience of their organization as a corporate citizen through uncompromising adherence to ethical values. They shall serve as role models for the rest of the community as business leaders and professionals.

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