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CISCO Lecturers

  • Glenn O. Avendaño, CCNP
  • Rodolfo A. Yumang , CCNA, CCAI
  • Orlando Basas, CCNA
  • Frederick Chua, CCNA
  • Rowell Santiago, CCNA
  • Marlon Sejera, CCNA

HP–UX Lecturers

  • Karla Rosa Malihan
  • Analyn Niere
  • Lilibeth Mendoza
  • Candace Santoyo

PCB Design Lecturers

  • Reidj Febus Cruz
  • Mary Ann Latina

Review Program Lecturers

  • EE Review
    • Engr. Jimmy Ocampo
    • Engr. Bien Rivero
    • Engr. Jermhel Solis
    • Engr. Roel Calano
    • Engr. Cesar Coronado

  • CE – EnSE Review
    • Engr. Divina Gonzales
    • Engr. Victor Sabandeja
    • Engr. Erlinda Mendoza
    • Engr.Lito Establecida
    • Engr. Antonio Caimo

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