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Faculty Members

Teodoro, Gloria
Email: gbteodoro@mapua.edu.ph

Allaga, Marietta
Email: mvallaga@mapua.edu.ph

Bangayan, Jennifer
Email: jbbangayan@mapua.edu.ph

Bantug, Mary Jade
Email: mjmbantug@mapua.edu.ph

Baring, John Dexter
Email: jdobaring@mapua.edu.ph

Buenaventura, Allen
Email: arbuenaventura@mapua.edu.ph

Chan, Eurydice Rayanna
Email: erlchan@mapua.edu.ph

Chavez, Edgar
Email: emchave@2mapua.edu.ph

Correa, Catherine Anne
Email: kagcorrea@mapua.edu.ph

Cruz, Dante
Email: dscruz@mapua.edu.ph

De Castro, Mark Roeland
Email: mradecastro@mapua.edu.ph

De Paz, Aristides
Email: andepaz@mapua.edu.ph

Delumen, Wilkie
Email: wbdelumen@mapua.edu.ph

Dullas, Arianne Joy
Email: ajdullas@mapua.edu.ph

Ealdama, Anna Christina
Email: acgealdama@mapua.edu.ph

Elardo, Sheila
Email: svelardo@mapua.edu.ph

Fischl, Geza
Email: gfischl@mapua.edu.ph

Gacutan, Ma. Socorro
Email: msagacutan@mapua.edu.ph

Galvan, Francine Pearl
Email: fplgalvan@mapua.edu.ph

Garcia, Aristeo
Email: AMGarcia@mapua.edu.ph

Gendrano, Ma. Cecilia Leonor
Email: mclmgendrano@mapua.edu.ph

Legaspi, Mary Geraldine
Email: mgjlegaspi@mapua.edu.ph

Legaspi, Ria Ann
Email: raslegaspi@mapu.edu.ph

Lengson, Maria Olivia
Email: moblengson@mapua.edu.ph

Lumhod, Maynard Khay
Email: mkjlumhod@mapua.edu.ph

Mallari, Dominic Angelo
Email: daamallari@mapua.edu.ph

Miraflor, Cristina
Email: csmiraflor@mapua.edu.ph

Muñoz, Kristine Ann
Email: kaamunoz@mapua.edu.ph

Oaper, Leo Mario
Email: lmsoaper@mapua.edu.ph

Olimpo, Rhea
Email: rrolimpo@mapua.edu.ph

Pernia, Michelle
Email: mppernia@mapua.edu.ph

Portem, Jayson
Email: jbportem@mapua.edu.ph

Reodique, Catherine
Email: ccreodique@mapua.edu.ph

Resurreccion, Felix
Email: fpresurreccion@mapua.edu.ph

Romero, Patricia Gabrielle
Email: pgiromero@mapua.edu.ph

Salaya, Gracie
Email: gcsalaya@mapua.edu.ph

Sanga, Perry
Email: pesanga@mapua.edu.ph

Sauco, Carlos
Email: cpsauco@mapua.edu.ph

Shih, Reine Charlene
Email: rccshih@mapua.edu.ph

Tablan, Junar
Email: jptablan@mapua.edu.ph

Zambrano, Albert
Email: aszambrano@mapua.edu.ph