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All students must be able to submit the following documents fully accomplished. Please check your name on the website to check the availability of your school ID.

  1. Specimen signature of parents/guardian
  2. Statement of Compliance
  3. Academic Grievance Undertaking
  4. Mandatory Random Drug Testing Acknowledgement Form for New Freshmen
  5. Authorization for Random Drug Testing for Senior High School
  6. Academic Honesty Agreement
  7. Undertaking Against Joining Fraternities/Sororities
  8. Malayan Colleges Inc. Tuition Fee Protect
  9. Lacking admission credentials (for those with promissory notes)

NOTE: Please present your Certificate of Matriculation (CM) validated by the Health Services & Guidance Office after finishing the following:

  1. Psychological Exam
  2. On-line Guidance Forms (intake interview slip, signed informed assent/consent form, & Screenshot of FB invites)
  3. Medical Laboratory Exam