Registrar's Office

  1. What is pseudo enrollment?

    Mapúa University has introduced pseudo enrollment at the start of 2nd Quarter of Academic Year (AY) 2012-2013. In the pseudo enrollment proceedings, course offerings for next term will be available in advance to address insufficient number of available sections, among others.

    Pseudo enrollment is a mock process done prior to the actual enrollment proceedings. The student course-load made during the pseudo enrollment is not final, hence, it may be changed during the actual enrollment period.

  2. What are the objectives of pseudo enrollment?

    The Institute is undertaking this to achieve the following objectives:

    • Inform the students of the course offerings for the succeeding term.
    • Test system performance prior to the actual enrollment proceedings.
    • Allow students to prepare their schedules ahead of time.
    • Gather statistics to determine the number of course-sections to be offered by the schools.
  3. Is pseudo enrollment a pre-registration or a reservation of slots?

    No. Pseudo enrollment does not guarantee you a slot in a particular section. Like in the previous enrollment proceedings, Mapúa does not practice pre-registration or a reservation of slots.

    What pseudo enrollment does is provide data to schools about the number of students who will take up a particular course in the coming term. Based on this data, the schools will be able to decide whether to open more sections for that particular course.

  4. Why should I participate in pseudo enrollment?

    The course offerings and number of sections for next term will be adjusted depending on the results of the pseudo enrollment proceedings. Courses without sections shall be tallied and forwarded to their respective caretakers so that they can adjust their offerings before the actual enrollment. Thus, it is important that you retain your load even without a corresponding section during pseudo enrollment.

    The list of courses offerings and available sections will be accessible at the start of the online enrollment. Please take note that no more sections will be created or updated during the actual enrollment proceedings.

  5. How do I participate in pseudo enrollment?

    It is easy to participate in pseudo enrollment. Just follow the procedures below:

    • Login at
    • Use myMapúa to add courses and assign sections that you wish to take for next term.
    • Logout.

    Note: The ‘Finalize’ button has been disabled during pseudo enrollment.

    Should you have more questions or clarifications, please contact the Development Office for Information Technology (DOIT) at locals 1403 and 1408. You may also visit DOIT at the Administration Building, 4th Floor.

    Check out this page to read more about Pseudo Enrollment Guidelines.

  6. What if I did not participate in pseudo enrollment?

    You would still be able to enroll even if you were not able to participate in the pseudo enrollment. However, there may be a limited number of available sections during actual enrollment since data gathered was insufficient. Again, no more sections will be created during actual enrollment proceedings.