The Office of the Prefect of Discipline (OPD) aims to promote DISCIPLINE in accordance with the Mapúa University's Core Values (Discipline, Excellence, Commitment, Integrity, and Relevance).

Furthermore, the OPD envisions providing guidance for the integral development of student’s moral values, habits, ethics and ideals to become a responsible and better person in the future.

The OPD also strives to take part in creating an environment that is conducive to learning by implementing rules and regulations aligned with the Student Discipline Handbook and reflecting Mapúa’s Core Values.

The OPD takes the forefront in resolving student disputes, including investigating complaints and provide resolutions to all student discipline related infractions. Moreover, the OPD also conducts hearing on student cases in accordance with the Mapúa’s Student Discipline Handbook while ensuring that due process is accorded to all parties.