About the Office

The Office of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs (OEVPAA) is primarily responsible for initiating and implementing strategic academic plans and programs to support and attain the vision and mission of the University. Under the OEVPAA are various offices, centers and committees, which are assigned with specific administrative duties and responsibilities, such as the following:

  1. Overseeing the curriculum and new curricular initiatives.
  2. Ranking, evaluating, and promoting faculty members.
  3. Promoting and supporting research activities among faculty members and students.
  4. Maintaining the official records of both undergraduate and graduate students.
  5. Supervising and regulating academic and non-academic activities of students.
  6. Helping the students develop their educational, vocational, and psychological potentials.
  7. Ensuring that scholarships, academic grants, financial aids, and career services are made available to deserving students.
  8. Managing the library facilities and resources.
  9. Ensuring the operations and maintenance of laboratory facilities and equipment.
  10. Planning, implementing, and monitoring of formal and non-formal faculty development programs.
  11. Implementing Outcomes-Based Educational System.
  12. Implementing all other academic policies and programs resolved by the Academic Council of the University.