Non-Formal Education – Off-Campus & School Initiated In-House Seminars/Workshop/ Certification/Training (SWCT)

General Procedure

  1. All requests for non-formal seminar/workshop/certification/training (both off-campus and in-house) shall be coursed through the OEVPAA, thru the Faculty Development Office, for approval.
  2. The Dean/Subject Chair shall see to it that the objective of the seminar/workshop/certification/training (SWCT) is in line with the School’s/Department’s and Mapúa’s faculty development plan and priorities.
  3. The Dean/Subject Chair shall ensure that an appropriate budget is allocated for the activity.
  4. To process the approval of the Off-Campus SWCT, the following must be submitted to the EVPAA thru the FDO at least 14 working days before the date of the event for local SWCT while at least 30 working days for international SWCT.
    • A duly accomplished SWCT Request Form (Form E)
    • A copy of the invitation/program which includes the amount to be paid in attending the SWCT.
      • If in case, early bird fee must be highlighted for priority purposes.
      • Request submitted at least 4 working days before the event will no longer be entertained.

Attendance in Seminar/Workshop/Certification/Training (SWCT)

  1. Recommendation of participants shall be made by the Dean/Subject Chair to the OEVPAA, thru the FDO, for approval.
  2. In terms of employment status, the order of priority is full-time permanent then probationary faculty members.
  3. In the event that the school/department shall be sending more than 4 faculty members, a letter of request stating the reason for additional attendees shall be submitted to the OEVPAA, through the FDO, for approval.
  4. Faculty who are pursuing graduate studies as Dean’s Council grantees shall not be entitled to this grant, unless their program advisers certify that his attendance is a vital part of a course currently being taken.

Attendance in Annual Professional Membership Meeting/National Conference

  1. In order to have a representation in the annual meeting\national conference, the FDO shall support the attendance of four (4) representatives (maximum) from the School/Department. The order of priority shall be
    • Dean/Subject Chair/Program Coordinator
    • Faculty member who is the President/Chairman of the National Chapter
    • Faculty members who are Officers of the National Chapter
    • Faculty Members who are Officers of the Organizing Committee
    • Faculty Members who are Officers of the Local Chapter
    • Faculty Members with Administrative position
    • Other Faculty Members
  2. In the event that the school/department shall be sending more than 4 representatives in the annual meeting/national conference, a letter of request stating the reason for additional attendees shall be submitted to the OEVPAA, through the FDO, for approval.

Attendance in Public Hearing/MOA Signing/Round-Table Discussion/CHED Meeting

  1. The Dean/Subject Chair/Program Coordinator shall be the official representative of the School in public hearing, MOA signing, Round-Table Discussion and CHED meeting.
  2. In case of the unavailability of the Dean/Subject Chair/Program Coordinator, a duly authorized representative of the School may be sent on his behalf.
    • SWCT Support
      • The FDO shall support the following:
        • Registration Fee
        • Transportation* (if out-of- town)
        • Food* (if out-of- town)
      * based on policy on the approved Food Subsidy Allowance given to the Deans/Subject Chairs/Faculty Members
    • Post-Activity Requirements
      • The following should be submitted to FDO after attending an SWCT
        • Duly Accomplished SWCT Report Form (See Annex F)
        • A photo copy of Certificate of Attendance/Participation
        • A copy of the training materials/handouts

Non-Formal Education – Institutional In-House Seminars/Trainings

General Procedure

  1. Faculty Development Office (FDO) conducts Institutional In-House Seminars/Workshops/Trainings with topics related to Technical and Knowledge Skills Program and English Proficiency Programs which are relevant to courses being offered by the School/Department and part of the School/Department’s development plan for the next 3 years.
  2. The FDO shall provide each school/department on the list of Institutional In-House seminars/trainings and target schedules available for the faculty members. The Faculty Developments Office shall ensure that an appropriate budget is allotted to each seminar/training.
  3. The Deans/Subject Chairs must provide to FDO the list of recommended and confirmed attendees who will attend to each scheduled dates. In case of conflict schedules, the Deans/Subject chairs shall provide a letter of request to the EVPAA for make-up classes of the identified faculty members.
  4. A pre-evaluation form shall be accomplished by the participants before the start of the training which will serve as references by the trainer in delivering the training.
  5. A Certification of Completion will only be provided among attendees who completed at least 100% of the total number of hours required and accomplished a Seminar/ Training Evaluation Form.
  6. A confirmed attendee may only be allowed for absences on the following reason/s:
    • Prolonged sickness
    • Death/Sickness of an Immediate family member
    • Serious Accident
    • Calamities or force majeure (e.g. storm, flood, etc.)
    • Other reasons similar to the above
  7. A confirmed attendee who did not attend on the scheduled date/s shall explain in writing his reason/s for not attending, noted by his Dean/Subject Chair. Letters must be addressed to the EVPAA thru the FDO. The Institute reserves the right to charge a training/seminar cost for failure to attend/complete the program without valid reason/s.

Technical and Knowledge Skills Program

  1. The trainings should include topics related to software, instrumentation and equipment to keep the faculty members abreast with the advance and latest trends in technology as well as how they will be delivered effectively to the students.
  2. Trainers are required to attend the scheduled training sessions identified in the signed contract.
  3. The honoraria for trainer of Technical and Knowledge Skills Program is Php500.00 per hour.

English Proficiency Training Program

  • Individualized Faculty English Proficiency Program (I-FEPP)
    • The Faculty Individualized English Proficiency Program shall be administered by the Office of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs through the Faculty Development Program Office (FDO), in cooperation with the English Language Center (ELC), the School of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences (SLHS) and the different Deans and Subject Chairs.
    • The FDO will coordinate with the different schools regarding the schedules of the target participants.
    • The selection of participants shall be based on the Master List of faculty members and their MELT Scores, as provided by ELC. The Deans/Subject Chairs shall forward to FDO the preferred schedules of the mentees for the Individualized Mentoring Sessions. Each confirmed participant must accomplish a Mentee’s Commitment Form which will be noted by the Dean/Subject Chair.
    • The FDO will coordinate with ELC on the schedules of the mentors and mentees. Schedules declared for I-FEPP should not be in conflict with any teaching schedules and consultation hours of both mentees and mentors. Once the schedules were paired and approved by EVPAA, Mentors’ Contracts will be prepared by HRD.
    • The total number of hours for Speaking Module is 15hours while 18hours for Writing Module. After the end of each week, mentors and mentees shall submit a report to the ELC and Dean/Subject Chair, respectively.
    • Mentors shall serve as resource speakers, lecturers and/or facilitators of the program. Mentors shall assess their mentees during the first meeting to create a customized module, using the basic I-FEPP outline as a starting point. They shall prepare instructional materials and plan teaching strategies and activities as may be necessary to improve proficiency of faculty members in Speaking and Writing.
    • The FDO will prepare documents related in releasing mentor’s honoraria amounting to Php 350.00 per hour.
    • The FDO Assistant shall monitor the mentors’ attendance for each mentoring schedule
      • Assures that each mentor signs on the designated attendance sheet and confirms the declared number of hours rendered per session.
      • Mentors, who for a valid reason missed a session, must coordinate with their mentees on the schedule of the make-up session. As soon as the schedule is agreed upon, mentors must coordinate with the FDO on the possible venue. Once set, a make-up session form must be accomplished at least 3 days before the schedule. This form must be signed by the mentor and mentee, ELC Director, mentee’s Department Head, and the FDO.
      • Sessions conducted without approved make-up session forms prior to the schedule will not be credited.
    • Mentors are required to meet their mentees on the scheduled mentoring sessions identified in the signed contract. For attendance monitoring purposes:
      • A 15-minute allowance will be given for each session. Once consumed, the mentor and mentee can have an option to extend only with a maximum of 15 minutes on that particular day to complete the required number of hours per session. If in case, the schedule does not permit the extension due to conflict in teaching schedule, it must be rendered thru a make-up session.
      • Since mentors will receive an honoraria on a per-hour basis, corresponding rates will be deducted from their honoraria for tardiness and early dismissal incurred computed as follows:

        MT = Minutes of Tardiness
        ED = Early Dismissal
        SS = Schedule per Session

      • Mentors who reported late for more than 50% of the total class hours within the day will be recorded absent.
    • The FDO in cooperation with the ELC Head and the different Deans/Subject Chairs shall monitor and evaluate the training program and make necessary revisions and recommendations.

  • Other English Proficiency Program
    • Other English Proficiency Programs may include topics such as but are not limited to Developing Power Presentation Skills, Intensive Grammar Review, and The Craft of Technical Writing.
    • The FDO will prepare documents related in releasing mentor’s honoraria amounting to Php 350.00 per hour.

Non-Formal Education - Required Forms

SWCT Request Form

  1. Requisition
    • Identify the Requisitioning Department, Title, Date and Time, Venue and the Sponsoring Agency.
    • The recommended participants must not exceed into four (4) faculty members. In the event that the school/department shall be sending more than 4 representatives, a letter of request stating the reason for additional attendees shall be submitted to the EVPAA, thru the FDO, for approval.
    • The objective of the SWCT must be clearly stated on the attached invitation.
  2. Budget Requirement
    • The basis for the identification of the allowable budget will be the SOP on Food and Subsidy Allowance.
    • In case of early bird payment, it shall be indicated the deadline when it will be availed.
  3. Research / Faculty Development Plan
    • If the SWCT is based on Research, abstract and description of the research must be stated.
    • Under the Faculty Development Plan, the objective of the SWCT must be aligned with the objective of the school’s faculty development program.
      • SWCT Report Form
        • The SWCT Report Form shall be accomplished by each attendee, verified by Faculty Development Committee Head and Noted by Dean/Subject Chair.
        • Identify the Title, Date and Venue of the SWCT.
        • Identify the Name of the Speakers and Topic discussed. In case wherein there is more than 1 topic discussed by different speakers, identify the keynote speaker and the topic that he discussed.
        • Discuss briefly the highlights of the seminar/training on how it can be applied to the subject/s being taught and/or to Mapúa setting.
        • Discuss the specific knowledge/skills/attitude gained by attending the activity.
        • Include at least two to three photos during the activity. Preferably, include photos of the speaker/s while having a discussion and group picture of the attendees with or without the speaker/s.
      • Attachments
        • A photo copy of the certificate of attendance/participation.
        • A copy of the training materials/handouts
        • Accomplished training evaluation forms

Service Contract

  1. A Training Agreement shall be executed to all faculty members who will attend Trainings and Certifications. All trainings and certifications with training agreements, the identification of the return service will be on the equivalent training cost if the faculty members will be trained outside Mapúa.
  2. All attendees shall render a return service equivalent to the cost of the training/certification examination which will commence on the succeeding quarter term.

    Training Cost 
    Required Return Service
    0 - 999.00
    1,000.00 - 24,999.00
    3 months
    25,000.00 - 49,999.00
    6 months
    50,000.00 - 74,999.00
    9 months
    75,000.00 - 99,999.00
    12 months
    100,000.00 - 124,999.00
    1 year and 6 months
    125,000.00 - 149,999.00
    2 years
    150,000.00 - 174,999.00
    2 years and 6 months
    175,000.00 and above
    3 years
    Certification Cost 
    Required Return Service
    0.00 - 499.00
    500.00 - 9,999.00
    3 months
    10,000.00 - 19,999.00
    6 months
    20,000.00 - 29,999.00
    9 months
    30,000.00 - 39,999.00
    12 months
    40,000.00 - 49,999.00
    1 year and 6 months
    50,000.00 - 59,999.00
    2 years
    60,000.00 - 69,999.00
    2 years and 6 months
    70,000.00 and above
    3 years

    • If cessation from employment/violation occurs within, below is the computation of the penalty to be paid each trainee.

Service Contract


  1. The primary objective of Faculty Immersion Program is to further enhance the technical skills and expertise of Mapua faculty members to enable them to impart up-to-date and industry-relevant technical instructions to Mapua students. The program is designed to allow the faculty members the opportunity to utilize and practice his field of specialization in an applied context.

General Procedure

  1. All requests for Faculty Immersion should be supported with Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between Mapúa and the Host Company or institution. Mechanics and guidelines are subject to terms and conditions of the executed MOA.
  2. An applicant for Faculty Immersion shall accomplish the following requirements and submit to his dean/subject chair:
    • Letter of Intent addressed to his dean/subject chair.
    • Duly accomplished Faculty Immersion Application Form (Form H)
  3. The Deans/Subject Chairs shall screen the candidates from their schools/departments based on the given guidelines indicated in the MOA.
  4. The Dean/Subject Chair should recommend to EVPAA thru FDO the candidate for Faculty Immersion.
  5. The EVPAA shall then endorse the nominees to the President for final consideration and approval.
  6. Upon the President’s approval, the applicant will be recommended by the Dean/Subject Chair to the Host Company or Institution for the acceptance in Faculty Immersion.
  7. Upon receipt of Certification of acceptance, FDO shall execute the Training Agreement between Mapúa and the Host Company or Institution.

Obligations of the Trainee

  1. For the entire duration of the FACULTY IMMERSION, the TRAINEE shall conscientiously attend and actively participate in all training lectures/session, and to satisfactorily complete the training and/or academic requirements for the program.
  2. To ensure that the TRAINEE shall fully immerse himself in the FACULTY IMMERSION, he shall be prohibited from being employed, in any capacity with any entity or with any entity other than Mapua during the scholarship program.
  3. The TRAINEE shall faithfully abide by all the applicable laws, as well as the rules and regulations of the Training Institute (where the program is undertaken) and of Mapua. It is hereby expressly agreed upon that Mapua shall in no way be held liable for violations and/or infractions hereof but the TRAINEE, and the TRAINEE hereby expressly renders Mapua free and harmless from all liabilities and consequences incidental to the undergoing and completion of the Dean’s Council Scholarship.
  4. The TRAINEE shall be prohibited from disclosing for any reason whatsoever to any third person or entity, any proprietary and/or confidential information, skills or training that may have been obtained, acquired and/or learned in connection with or as a result of undergoing program including those confidential information on Mapua that is known to the TRAINEE unless prior express written consent of Mapua is secured.
  5. Immediately upon the completion of the FACULTY IMMERSION, the TRAINEE shall report to Mapua, and shall submit to the Office of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs thru the Faculty Development Office within one (1) month a FACULTY IMMERSION REPORT FORM (Form H), documenting the skills, technology and/or material benefits learned, obtained and/or acquired during the program, such as not limited to over-all impact on academic and technical proficiency.
  6. All relevant materials of learning value obtained by and provided to the TRAINEE in the course of or during the FACULTY IMMERSION, including any intellectual properties and rights thereto that were conceptualized or invented/modified from the said IMMERSION shall be the exclusive property of Mapua. In this regard, the TRAINEE expressly assigns, conveys and waived any such intellectual property right over the subject concept, invention and/or modification in favor of Mapua.

Scholarship Privileges

  1. A trainee shall receive his full salary equivalent to 15 units teaching load and bonuses as may be applicable for the duration of the Faculty Immersion Program
  2. Other benefits may include the following depending on the executed MOA:
    • Free use of laboratories or facilities related to the specialization
    • Full accommodation within the duration of the program
    • Meal allowance per day/month
    • Free use of company’s shuttle bus service (in-out from work)
    • Accident insurance, paid for by the Host Company or Institution, during the term of engagement.

Service Contract

  1. In consideration of the opportunity for growth and learning accorded to him/her by virtue of the Faculty Immersion Program, the grantee shall render to MAPÚA a return service of full time teaching equivalent to one (1) year for every year or a fraction thereof.