Individualized Faculty English Proficiency Program (I-FEPP)

  • Objectives
    1. To equip the faculty members with skills in effective oral and written communication.
    2. To increase the MELT Scores of the faculty members for at least 0.5.
    3. To encourage the faculty members to implement the “Speak English” policy of the institute.

  • Policies and Guidelines
    1. Administration
      • The Faculty English Proficiency Training Program shall be administered by the Office of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs through the Faculty Development Program Office (FDO), in cooperation with the English Language Center (ELC), the School of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences and the different Deans and Subject Chairs.
      • The FDO will coordinate with the different schools in identifying the faculty members (mentees) who will undergo the Individualized Faculty English Proficiency Program (I-FEPP) each quarter. The selection of participants shall be based on the Master List of faculty members and their MELT Scores, as provided by ELC. The Deans/Subject Chairs shall forward to FDO the preferred schedules of the mentees for the Individualized Mentoring Sessions. Each confirmed participant must accomplish a Mentee’s Commitment Form which will be noted by the Dean/Subject Chair.
      • The ELC shall prepare the Course Outline and Training Modules. The course outline shall cover topics to improve proficiency of faculty members in Speaking and Writing.
      • The FDO in cooperation with the ELC Head and the different Deans/Subject Chairs, shall monitor and evaluate the training program and make necessary revisions and recommendations.

    2. Implementation
      • Participants - I-FEPP shall be offered to all permanent faculty members of MIT with MELT Scores of 3 and below.
      • Duration of the Training - The complete training course shall be spread over one quarter term. The total number of hours for Speaking Module is 15hours while 18hours for Writing Module.
      • Mentors - The mentors shall be English Faculty members from MIT School of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences. The ELC Head shall recommend to the EVPAA through FDO the qualified faculty members who will serve as trainers.

        In case the mentees are the English Faculty Members, External Trainers will be hired in coordination with the CCESC.
        • Duties and Responsibilities:
          • The mentor shall serve as resource speaker, lecturer and/or facilitator of the program.
          • The mentor shall assess his mentee during the first meeting to create the customized module based on the needs of his mentee. He shall prepare instructional and assessment tools and other instruments as may be necessary in the conduct of the program.
          • Mentors are required to meet their mentees on the scheduled mentoring sessions identified in the signed contract. A grace period of 15 minutes will be provided for every session.
          • A mentor’s report shall be submitted every week to ELC based on the mentors’ assessment per session.
        • Compensation – The mentor shall be paid in a form of honoraria the amount of Php 350.00 per hour.
      • Assessment of the Participants – The Program will end in a group assessment which will identify whether a participant has increased his/her MELT Score. Each group shall compose of 3-4 mentees to be facilitated by the ELC Head.
      • Post Training Evaluation of Participants - The deans and subject chairs shall strictly enforce the “Speak English” policy of the Institute. The Deans and Subject Chairs shall monitor and document the progress of faculty members who had completed the training through periodic classroom visitation, results of the annual faculty performance evaluation or any other acceptable assessment instruments. Assessment reports shall be submitted to the EVPAA through FDO.