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The Faculty Development Office (FDO) is an academic unit under the Office of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs. Its main responsibility is to plan, implement and monitor the faculty development programs of the school/department as well as those of the Institute.

The Institute’s Faculty Development Program is a result of the consolidated faculty development plans of the different schools and departments. Mapua follows the faculty development framework (Diagram 1) wherein the schools/departments conduct their own needs analysis which will be used as inputs to their faculty development plan. The FDO consolidates these plans to come up with the Institutional Faculty Development Programs.

Faculty Development Framework

Faculty Development Programs

The programs of the Faculty Development Office (FDO) are largely based on the needs analysis done by the deans/chairs of the different schools. The FDO coordinates with the deans/chairs in order to align the faculty development programs of the Institute. The overall goal of FDO is to enhance the teaching ability of faculty members through formal and non-formal education. This is also in line with the accreditation requirements of the Commission on Higher Education and other accrediting bodies.

FDO has two major programs namely

  1. Formal Education
  2. Non-Formal Education

Formulation and Implementation of Faculty Development Program

General Procedure

  1. The faculty development program of the school/department shall be formulated based on the established priority needs determined by the results of Training Needs Analysis (TNA), Faculty Evaluation by Students, Peer Evaluation, Dean/Subject Chair Evaluation, Classroom Visitation and other reliable information obtained.
  2. The Faculty Development Program of each school shall be formulated by a committee composed of faculty members of the school/department. The committee shall be headed by the Dean/Subject Chair or a duly appointed Faculty Development Committee Chair.
  3. The committee shall establish the faculty development priority needs of the school/department based on the following:
    • Course offerings (changes in the curricula)
    • Faculty profile insofar as academic preparation is concerned
    • The development plan of the school/department
  4. The dean or committee chair shall submit to the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs (EVPAA) thru the FDO, annual faculty development program of the school/department for evaluation and approval, not later than two weeks before the start of each academic year.
  5. The overall faculty development priority needs of Mapúa shall be established by the FDO based on the priority needs defined by the different schools, in line with the Institute's development agenda.
  6. All financial transactions shall be subject to the usual accounting and auditing procedures.
  7. A yearly program accomplishment and evaluation report shall be submitted by the Deans/Subject Chairs or the Committee Chairs to EVPAA thru the FDO.