Career Expo (Job Fair)

On-campus job fairs are held four times a year. These give student-trainees, graduating students, and alumni the privilege to check out training and employment opportunities in one venue – their very own campus. They also give participating companies the opportunity to promote their organization as well as their products and services.

Career Services Website (Careerlink)

The pioneer in providing on-line campus recruitment solution in the Philippines. This is offered to various industries interested to give employment opportunities to Mapúa graduates. Jobseekers from different batches and graduating students are all welcome to join and seek job opportunities through this service.

Career Development Seminar-Workshop

This pre-graduation workshop aims to assist students in their self-assessment and career development and planning before they explore the world of work. It helps students reinforce their qualities and develop relevant job competencies that will put them ahead in their job search. This program is facilitated by professionals from the industry.

Graduates Directory

A comprehensive list of graduates and their contact details that is given to potential employers for recruitment purposes. This service aims to give graduates the opportunity to be reached and selected by companies who desire to employ Mapúa graduates.

On-Campus Recruitment

The On-Campus Recruitment shall be offered to all client companies that are interested to conduct an on-site testing and/or interview at Mapúa. It gives alumni and students the opportunity to interact and discuss future career opportunities with the company.

Job Ads Bulletin

Updated job announcements posted by various companies and CCS activities and events are posted online and offline.

Résumé Book

A set of clear-cut résumés of alumni and graduating students designed uniformly to provide significant information for possible placement.

On-the-Job Training Assistance and Coordination

A program designed to give students a professional edge upon graduation. This is often referred to as on-the-job training/internship/work-based learning. The program provides opportunity for students to apply knowledge gained in the classroom/laboratory to real-life work experiences, both with local and international companies.