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CineMapúa continues to bring the best student short films, reveals finalists for 2021

CineMapúa, the longest-running and one of the most-anticipated student short film festivals in the country, has opened its 19th-year celebration with a bang showcasing its finalists composed of 25 local short films and four international student films. Organized by Mapúa University's School of Media Studies, the student short film festival received more than one hundred entries for the collegiate and high school categories – the most entries since its inception in 2002. Short films were pre-screened and trimmed down to 25, which will vie for the prestigious Cardinal Best Film Awards.

Mapúa graduate student to represent the Philippines in international James Dyson Award

Mark Kennedy Bantugon, a young inventor from Mapúa University, has been declared the lone standard-bearer of the Philippines to the international leg of the James Dyson Award 2021.

More than surviving: How can I thrive in my online college life?

College is a different world from senior high school with a bigger set of demands and rewards. For students who have just started their freshman year, now faced with more challenging academic requirements on top of the challenges of online learning, getting through their first year might seem daunting. Three of Mapúa University’s top faculty share some useful tips to help students navigate the online learning space this academic year.

Perk Up Coffee & Tea: A success story amid a pandemic

A business administration graduate of Mapúa University, Pam Jacobe always dreamed of having her own coffee farm and shop.

Mapúa graduate student’s invention has positive impact on global aviation, local farming

Mapúa University graduate student Mark Kennedy Bantugon has invented a game changer for global aviation as well as the local agricultural sector. The Pili Seal, a two-component sealant made from the waste material of pili tree resin, or spent or de-oiled resin, stole the show at the Philippine leg of the James Dyson Awards 2021, where Bantugon was hailed the national winner.

Mapúa graduates 24 junior high students under DepEd’s alternative learning system program

Twenty-four students of Mapúa University’s Alternative Learning Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ALEAP) successfully completed the Junior High School level.

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Usapang Industriya Series 4: The Future of IT Industry – Job Outlook and Emerging Recruitment Trends


Special Faculty Advising for Servicing Courses


Guidelines for 2nd Quarter, A.Y. 2021-2022


Invitation to UKM Global Webinar Series: International Virtual Learning Engagements: Understanding Concepts, Strategies and Executions


Enrollment Schedule 2nd Quarter AY 2021-2022
(Updated as of October 31, 2021)


Request to Shift Learning Modality


Scheduled Power Maintenance


Faculty Evaluation and Laboratory Assessment is now available ONLINE!


Universiti Teknologi Petronas - Mapúa University Renewable Energy International Summer School Programme 2021


Information to 4th quarter AY2020-2021 Graduating students


No online classes for College Freshmen and Grade 11 students on August 16


Guidelines for 1st Quarter A.Y. 2021-2022; Online Enrollment and Academic Advising

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Dec 05

Deadline of submission of grades: Module 1 of 3-unit UG lecture courses

Dec 06

Approval of list of candidates for graduation (1/21-22) by Faculty

Dec 08

Approval of list of candidates for graduation (1/21-22) by Academic Council

Dec 09

Approval of list of candidates for graduation (1/21-22) by Board of Trustees

Dec 10

Graduation Date for 1st Quarter, 21-22

Dec 13

Start of application for diploma and Transcript of Records

Dec 17

Deadline for submission of curricula and other info for the 2022 Academic Catalogue

Dec 19

Deadline of submission of grades: Module 1 of 4-unit and 2 -unit UG lecture courses; Module 1 of 1-unit UG laboratory courses; Module 1 of 3-unit Graduate lecture courses

Jan 03

Start of application for leave of absence

Jan 14

Deadline for application for reactivation and shifting of program/modality

Jan 16

Deadline of submission of grades: Module 2 of 3-unit UG lecture courses

Jan 21

Deadline for application for withdrawal of courses and cancellation of enrollment

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