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    News and Events

    Mapúa Celebrates 79th Founding Anniversary

    Sunday, January 25, 2004

    Opening ceremony starts foundation day festivities

    In an upbeat program held at the quadrangle, the formal opening of the 79th Foundation Anniversary gave all Mapúans a glimpse of what to expect during the two-day festivities.

    In his welcome speech, Mapúa President Dr. Reynaldo Vea discussed the autonomy status given to the Institute last November. He stressed that autonomy is but a first step to the dynamic improvements that must be implemented for Mapúa to keep up with the changing times. These changes included the possibility of reaching the University status, and becoming a part of the Washington accord, a world-renowned organization recognizing accredited schools from different countries. He also expressed that autonomy should not be addressed with fear, but with bold actions. By that, he encouraged the students, the faculty and the non-teaching staffs to “go out there” and face the challenge ahead.

    After the welcoming speech, Dr.Vea and Mr.Dodjie Maestrocampo presented certificate of recognition for the different departments and service awards for the employees of Mapúa.

    The ceremony was highlighted by a parade within the Intramuros District. An Ati-atihan group and a drum and bugle corps front lined the parade. The different school organizations, in their color-coded attire, followed closely while the students and faculty members, carrying red and yellow balloons, rounded-off the group of participants in the annual parade.

    Card stacking contest held

    The Cards Building Contest, organized by the School of Architecture and Industrial Design (Ar-Id), was geared at exhibiting Mapuans’ prowess in building construction concept applications.

    The contest was joined by individuals or groups of not more than three members. Each team constructed card structures of their own approach using not more than 20 decks of ordinary playing cards. The participating groups were given eight hours to complete their designs, in the wind-proofed W320. the structures were left for 24 hours to determine the stability of the projects.

    The winning piece belongs to the tandem of Melvin Jan Bendal (ECE-1) and Debbie Grace Bandong (Chm-1) putting them in first place. Ralph Ervin Tecson’s (ECE-1) work grabbed the second prize and the third prize went to Tyronne Castillo (ECE-1) and Josef Martin Bustamante (CE-1).

    3rd Air-powered vehicle challenge held

    The third Wind Power Vehicle (WPV) contest took place at the Mapúa gym that featured propeller-installed miniaturized vehicles and showcased Mapúa’s expertise in innovative technologies.

    Each of the WPV’s had a maximum of 7 X 7 inches in size. The land planes were given a specified track and the vehicle that reached the finish line with the fastest time got the top prize.

    Nelvin Cardenas’ car (CE-4) won the first prize with an official time of four minutes and 26 seconds. Neil Yu (ECE-5) took the second prize, clocking five minutes and 27 seconds, Reinhard Yap (ECE-5) finished third with a time of five minutes and 52 seconds in completing the 1.5-meter track.

    The contest was organized by the Earth and Material Science Engineering (EMSE) student council headed by Mr. Louis Santos.

    The Paper Bridge Design contest held

    Mapúa’s technical know-how in bridge construction was put to test in the Paper Bridge Design contest held at the Mapúa quadrangle..

    14 entries vied for the design plum but only three entries passed the specifications set by the organizers. The three remaining entries had specified widths ranging from 12.2 cm to 17.8 cm, not more than 1.3 meters in length and is supported at the ends with a 1 meter clear span.

    The three remaining entries carried the initial load of 25 kg, without deflecting 15.3 cm. Group Tropang Usbrosis composed of Michael Bautro, Harold Bautista, Jenny Lyn Li, Jeddah Labitag and Maynard Lopez, third year students, of the School of Civil Engineering landed in first place having carried 118kg of applied load. The group of Efren Bongyad Jr, Andrew dela Cruz, Christian Espina and Louie Josue (CE 3) took the second place as it was able to carry a load of 89 kg, The team MEHM 365 composed of Darl Menguez, Leody Marcial, Michael Lomeda and Darwin Flores netted a third place finish as the their paper bridge managed a 59Kg load.

    The Civil Engineering Student Council headed by President Joan Jacinto were the organizers of the said contest.

    Robo “IR” Design and Tagging Contest introduced

    The Mapúa Robotics Center (MRC) launched its first infrared technology-enabled Robot Design and Tagging Contest at the North Oval that demonstrated the Mapuan craftsmanship in robotics.

    The participants designed robots that were controlled via radio frequency communication and were tussled head-to-head in an improvised arena. The robot tagged was eliminated; infrared sensors determine when a robot would be tagged.

    The robots were judged according to their performance, creative design and technical features.

    Reinhard Yap, Neil Sherwin Varela, and Neil Yu’s piloted to first place. Jo Kristian Montoya, Mahaleel Fernandez, Von Jon Eric Maramot and Borli Estrella controlled the second place position while Jose Paulo Serias, Dell Dione Galeng and Johannes Paulus Costales raked the third prize.

    Cars take centerstage

    The Mapúa Car Show, a contest pitting hardcore car enthusiast’s wheels and ingenuity against each other was held at the North Building grounds.

    The PSME-organized event was joined in by 16 participants vying for various categories. The board of judges, composed of Engr. Ferdinand Galera, Engr. Joyrence Mervin Agas and Engr. Don Midar Nepomucena, evaluated the entries.

    Owning the most impressive car of the event - a gold-colored 2000 Honda SIR with transparent hood, Mark Pizorra bagged the Best in Show, Best in Engine Display and the Crowd Favorite distinction. Luis Gloda II garnered the Best in Interior Display and Best in Sounds (600w) award with his 2001 Honda Civic. The 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse entry of Mico Paulo Enriquez earned him the Best in Car Restoration and Best in sound (300w). Having his 2003 Toyota Sedan neatly painted, Alvin Joseph Abellar was rewarded the Best in Paint plum. Sef Pua was given the Best in Engine Rev citation with his 2000 Honda Civic CXI while Michael Indiongco (1993 Daihatsu Hi-jet) and Ignacio Ian Chua (Honda Civic SIR) got the Best in Sounds (1000w) and the Best in Ground Clearance respectively.

    The category awardees received cash prizes and plaques while all the contestants were given certificates of participation.

    Chem Magic exposed

    The Chemistry Society of Mapúa presented an interactive exhibit dubbed “Chemistry Magic” at the laboratory rooms of the North Building. It was aimed at helping students understand and appreciate the basic concepts of Chemistry by showing and performing some experiments.

    There were prepared set-ups that showcased the concepts and objectives of the different chemical processes. It included an acid breath test where the pink liquid turned colorless when blown using a straw. Also performed was the vanishing beaker scheme, where a smaller beaker seemed to disappear as it was submerged in a transparent liquid. Another was the invisible ink visual tweak, it used concentrated sulfuric acid where letters seamlessly showed up as the compound was heated. Also shown was an improvised liquid thermometer.

    The project was supervised by Engineers Kathlia de Castro and John Baluyot.

    Physics department holds inter-HS quiz bee

    The Mapúa Physics department hosted an Inter-high school Physics quiz show at the Mapúa gym.

    14 high schools from the metro and the province took part in the said event.

    The quiz show was divided into two parts – the elimination round and final round. The first round consisted three varying difficulties each with 10 questions. At the end of the round, only the five schools with the highest point among the group will advance to the final round.

    In the short break, the Sining Kalinangan Mapúa Dance Company provided the much-needed entertainment in the form of a lively intermission number.

    Batangas Provincial Science High School A, represented by the tandem of Hannalyn Magsino and Joseph Emmanuel Lagan, emerged as the winners of the event. Mapúa High School, with the pair of Krisabelle Ricamonte and Christopher Chua, finished second while the team-up of Renz Soyangco and Gia Kristel de Guia, placed St. James Academy in third position.

    Freshmen win Brain and Brawns Challenge

    The “Hobbits of the Shire” team composed of Samuel Malamay and J.R. Ramos (ECE) and John Romulus Sierra (CE), all freshmen, won the Brain and Brawns: Mapúa Matibay contest held last January 24 at the Mapúa quadrangle.

    The contest is composed of five levels with three sublevels: challenge, problem/puzzle and trivia that were partitioned to the different programs in the campus. In each level, there were assigned level masters who guided and gave the challenges to the players. The objective of each tribe is to acquire as many gemstones by completing all levels within a given period of time.

    Richard Sy, Eruben Junio and Arwin Aloro (IE-4) of team “Gwadings” landed in the 1st place, Dark Magicians- Hannah Imbag (ECE 1), Jayson Duya (ME 1), and Estrella Ignacio (CE 1) took second place, and Tiffany Tang (BCC 1), Guilda Sheariah Besinga (BCC 1) and Eusebia Chrissevi Marasigan (BCM 1) of team Biotech settled for third place.

    The Hobbits of the Shire earned a total of 470 points in 59 minutes, Gwadings earned 390 points in 51 minutes, Dark Magicians earned 370 points in 58 minutes and Biotech earned 300 points in 70 minutes.

    The Industrial Engineering student council group, together with Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers (PIIE) and Operations Research Society of the Philippines (ORSP) were the organizers of the said contest.

    Homemade rocket contest draws would-be physicists

    Designed by using air-filled 2-liter soda containers and utilizing water as propulsion medium, rocket prototypes competed in the Water Propelled Rocket Contest that was put up to harness the ingenuity of Mapúans in science-oriented projects.

    The entries were positioned with a 45-degree incline and the rocket with the farthest distance covered was declared the winner.

    The group of Vinson Lim, Carlo Lingad, Elvin Montalbo and Rajiv Reyes rocketed to first place with their entry covering the farthest range of 50 meters. The 40-meter output of Raymund Blanco, Padrigan Rodolfo, Bryan Gadia and Daryl Recio’s entry propelled them to second place while the trio of Darwin Tenebro, Carla Santillan and Zarina Zara landed in third place with their rocket that went 35 meters from ground zero.

    The School of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry (ChE-Chm) organized the contest.

    Talents shine

    The Pakita Mo Talent Mo Show attracted would-be actors and actresses and was participated in by Mapúan instructors and students.

    Adrian Aquino grabbed the first place with his song numbers that captured the hearts of the audience. Partick Roy Parcia placed second with his Bulaklak dance number and John Christian Nicdao settled for third place as he danced to the tune of ocho-ocho.

    The winners received cash prizes and certificates.

    Food Booths Satisfy Mapúans

    As a welcome treat for Mapúans, different food and beverage booths were installed to add flavor to the occasion.

    The food booths installed were Shawarma Bites, Cdrl, Teazers, Big Kheddy, El Bonito’s Pizza, Deli-Sticks Enterprises, Pizza Hut, Reina Foods and Catering Services, and Kentucky Fried Chicken were among the participating concessionaires. They featured rice-in-a-box, nachos, footlong sandwiches, hot and crispy chicken, pizzas, burgers, Indian cuisine, juices and the ever-popular kwek-kwek (flour-covered quail egg).

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