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Admissions Office
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  • September 30 11:42 AM
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  • Institutional Calendar
    October 3 & 4, 10 & 11
    Board Exam for Certified Public Accountants
    October 5
    Start of Classes
    October 8
    Deadline for completion of deficiencies by 1/15-16 candidates for graduation
    October 13 - 15
    Board Exam for Interior Designers
    October 18
    Start of Diagnostics Exams

    Vision and Mission

    The Admissions Office shall be at the forefront of Mapúa Institute of Technology's quest to be an international center of excellence in integrated engineering and information technology education. It offers student enticement programs designed to establish Mapúa as the premier technology school of choice and, more importantly, provide the prospective student populace a venue where they can pursue and secure the future that they deserve. The end goal is to make them productive and responsible citizens of the country.


    In general, the Admissions Office is in charge of admissions of incoming freshmen, transferees, graduates of vocational courses, and college graduates from other schools who would like to enroll in the Institute. The office assists them from application to administration of entrance exams and enrollment.

    It is also responsible for the promotion and marketing of the Institute to various high schools in Metro Manila, nearby provinces and foreign countries with established testing centers.

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