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Malampaya Partners Conduct Oil and Gas Exhibit

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Malampaya Partners, consisting of Shell Philippines Exploration, B.V. (SPEX), Chevron Malampaya LLC, and the Philippine National Oil Company-Exploration Corporation , organized an interactive exhibit called “The Energy Down Below: An Exhibit on Oil and Gas” in the Institute last August 3-7. Public Relations (PR) Consultant for Commissions Department of SPEX John Von S. Lacorte led the said activity.

Founded by the Communications Department of Shell Philippines Exploration B.V., the Oil and Gas exhibit project aimed to educate students about various aspects of oil and gas. It emphasized the exploration, manufacture and refining of the said resources by means of games, videos and documentaries.

The exhibit, located at the ground floor of the West Building, was divided into two sections. The academe section contains informative visuals and an interactive game called “PetroMania” wherein the users could explore the different stages undergone by oil and gas. Meanwhile, the mini-theater featured the Malampaya Journey and other documentaries showing the history of natural gas industry.

Courtesy of The New Builder

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