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About the Institute
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  • Institutional Calendar
    April 25
    Deadline for completion of deficiencies by 3/13-14 candidates for graduation
    April 28 & 29, May 5-9
    Freshmen Enrolment
    May 4 & 5
    Board Exam for Civil Engineers
    May 4
    Diagnostics Exam
    May 11-12, 18 & 19
    Board Exam for Certified Public Accountants



    The Mapúa Institute of Technology shall be a global center of excellence in education by providing instructions that are current in content and state-of-the-art in delivery; by engaging in cutting-edge, high-impact research; and by aggressively taking on present-day global concerns.


    The Mapúa Institute of Technology disseminates, generates, preserves and applies knowledge in various fields of study.

    The Institute, using the most effective and efficient means, provides its students with highly relevant professional and advanced education in preparation for and furtherance of global practice.

    The Institute engages in research with high socio-economic impact and reports on the results of such inquiries.

    The Institute brings to bear humanity’s vast store of knowledge on the problems of industry and community in order to make the Philippines and the world a better place.

    Core Values

    Mapúa Institute of Technology aims at the empowerment of the youth by providing education grounded on academic excellence and strength of character. Students are expected to develop the passion for mental knowledge and meritorious performance as well as the recognition of moral values as essential to growth of character. the integration of humanities and the social sciences into the technical curriculum has paved the way to the achievement of this goal.

    Mapúa upholds the reinforcement of time honored values learned in school and at home directed towards the development in the student of a strong moral fiber that will contribute to his/her personal well-being as well as that of oher members of society.

    MAPÚA emphasizes the importance of the following core values:


    By ensuring that these core values are learned in the classroom and outside, MAPÚA shall have done its share in producing men and women who live fulfilled and meaningful lives.

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