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About the Institute
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  • Institutional Calendar
    June 29 - July 3
    Final Exams
    July 7 - 10
    1st Quarter, 2015-2016 Enrolment (Load finalization, assessment and payment)
    July 13
    Start of Classes
    July 13 - 17
    Frosh Week
    July 16
    Deadline for completion of defeciencies by 4/14-15 candidates for graduation



    Mapua shall be among the best universities in the world.


    The Institute shall provide a learning environment in order for its students to acquire the attributes that will make them globally competitive.

    The Institute shall engage in economically viable research, development and innovation.

    The Institute shall provide state-of-the-art solutions to problems of industries and communities.

    Core Values

    Mapúa Institute of Technology aims at the empowerment of the youth by providing education grounded on academic excellence and strength of character. Students are expected to develop the passion for mental knowledge and meritorious performance as well as the recognition of moral values as essential to growth of character. the integration of humanities and the social sciences into the technical curriculum has paved the way to the achievement of this goal.

    Mapúa upholds the reinforcement of time honored values learned in school and at home directed towards the development in the student of a strong moral fiber that will contribute to his/her personal well-being as well as that of oher members of society.

    MAPÚA emphasizes the importance of the following core values:


    By ensuring that these core values are learned in the classroom and outside, MAPÚA shall have done its share in producing men and women who live fulfilled and meaningful lives.

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