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  • Institutional Calendar
    January 26 - 31
    Foundation Week
    February 4
    Issuance of Midterm exam permits by TO
    February 12
    Graduation Date for 2nd Quarter, 2014-2015
    February 16 - 21
    Midterm Exam
    February 23
    Deadline for individual dropping of courses, application for special audits, cancellation of enrollment and application for shifting of program, reactivation, another degree (Mapúa graduates) and leave of absence for next quarter

    News and Events
    Excelsior: Mapúa at 90
    January 30

    With the distinction of being the first school in Southeast Asia and the Philippines to get the prestigious ABET accreditation for its academic programs and the first in the country to fully adopt the outcomes-based approach to education, Mapúa Institute of Technology has arguably become a trailblazer in the Philippine academic community in this respect....