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  • Institutional Calendar
    June 29 - July 3
    Final Exams
    July 7 - 10
    1st Quarter, 2015-2016 Enrolment (Load finalization, assessment and payment)
    July 13
    Start of Classes
    July 13 - 17
    Frosh Week
    July 16
    Deadline for completion of defeciencies by 4/14-15 candidates for graduation

    Multimedia and Visual Arts

    Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Arts and Sciences   

    This program is designed to train students to become contemporary visual artists and interactive media designers. Integrating the theoretical, creative, conceptual, and technical aspects of design and development through the use of modern technology, the program aims to equip the students with competencies in freehand drawing, computer graphic art, communication, and programming for various multimedia applications such as desktop publication, web design, photography and digital imaging, 2D/3D animation, video production, and computer games design.

    Graduates of this program may occupy critical posts in printing, advertising, marketing, communications, cyber station, computer simulation and virtual reality laboratories, education, and entertainment industries.

    Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Cinema   

    This program is designed to train students who will join the ranks of the new breed of independent filmmakers in the rapidly growing field of digital cinema.

    The program will teach film techniques during the first year, while the last two years will be geared to developing projects based on specific film tradition (documentary and experimental) and film genre (drama/biography, action, comedy, romantic comedy, horror/mystery crime/action, and science fiction/fantasy).

    Graduates of this program may occupy critical posts in entertainment, public relations, advertising, educational media, creative writing and filmmaking job markets.


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